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in sweeny todd...?

i was watching one of the previews for sweeny todd, and the girl that he likes (his wife) she looks like bellatrix from harry potter ? or is it just me?


and i saw another guy who looked like Peter Pettigrew!

was it really them? or was it jsut me?!?!?!

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    yes, helena bonham carter (who plays bellatrix lestrange) plays mrs. nellie lovette, the owner of mrs. lovette's meat pies, under his barber shop

    and timothy spall (peter pettigrew) plays beedle bard, judge turpin's apprentice

    and on this subject, judge yurpin is played by alan rickman who plays severus snape in the harry potter movies

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    It is definitely them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Idk about the first but the secound is deffenitaly him.

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