What is a Criminal Investigator?

What is the job description and what do they do?

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    An individual who investigates crimes. Various police departments / sheriff's departments / agencies have slightly different definitions for them, but here is a good one:


    DEFINITION: Under general supervision, performs work of moderate difficulty in conducting criminal investigations on assigned cases from planning through fact finding to reporting results of investigations for a district; performs the duties of a police officer as needed; and performs related work as assigned.


    Conducts investigations of alleged or suspected criminal violations of federal, state or tribal laws including major crimes; identifies issues involved and types of evidence required; determines scope, elements and direction of investigation; reviews police officer referrals; provides tactical response including manhunts; provides technical assistance, guidance and training to law enforcement staff and agencies; conducts public awareness and presentations to the general public; ensures confidentiality of interview statements; investigates white collar crime.

    Photographs, preserves, collects and identifies physical evidence, diagrams crime scenes; seizes controlled substances, evidence including fingerprints, blood and body fluids, recovers stolen property; performs surveillance and undercover work as needed; interviews witnesses; interrogates and observes suspects; utilizes informants to obtain leads and information; serves search warrants, subpoenas and arrest warrants; analyzes evidence and documents findings; prepares case status updates and detailed reports; transports suspect as needed; attends seminars, conference, workshops and training in criminal investigation; keeps updated on laws to maintain certification; attends and testifies in court.

    Here is another helpful link/description:


    Although uniformed troopers may completely investigate misdemeanor cases such as assault, larceny and criminal mischief, cases requiring extensive investigation or involving felonies are referred to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

    Established in 1935, the BCI is the plainclothes detective branch of the New York State Police, with over 1,000 investigative personnel in its ranks.

    BCI investigators work to solve:

    * Felony crimes

    * Narcotics

    * Violent and serial crimes

    * Child abuse

    * Sexual exploitation

    * Computer and technology-related crime

    * Bias-related crimes

    * Auto theft

    * Consumer product tampering

    * Organized crime

    In addition to conducting investigations initiated by the NYSP, BCI investigators regularly assist local and county law enforcement agencies that lack the investigative resources needed for major crime investigations.

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    Basically a cop who investigates crimes. Check out tv shows like CSI Miami, Criminal Minds, Forensic Science,

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    also depending on what company and in what capacity.

    You can be working at a background check company/ vendor and investigate and process people's background checks!


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