Can you put a 2000 or 2001 Honda Prelude engine in a 1999 model?

2 of my cylinders are screwed and I'm hoping to just do an engine swap. I'm looking for places to find an engine as I've tried most of the places I can think of. I did find a potential engine, but it's from a 2000....I just want to be sure that the computer and other components will jive with my 1999 model


I am looking in Vancouver Canada for an engine

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    From 98-01 the Prelude is exactly the same. Some differ in power plants and trim. But the onboard diagnostics is exactly the same. You will be better off rebuilding the motor you have currently but if you have the money to throw around go for it.

    Check sites like (the marketplace specifically) (in your area of course)

    You will find a lot of useful information on how to do the swap on honda tech. Another good site is as well as

    Good luck

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    4 years ago

    Well this is actually very possible. I am a mechanic by trade and it is a very common problem i see on newer cars. If the gas cap is not on all the way ( usually turn it 3 times) there will be a vacuum loss in the tank and the computer picks it up. The computer controls the check engine light. I dont think that she should have been charged for tightening the gas cap but....there are people out there and would do anything for a buck. Hope this helps. Tony

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    Chicago is your best bet.

    I'm a member of CPC, chicagolandpreludeclub :)

    We always recommend the following two engine suppliers when dealing with swaps.


    3900 N ELSTON AVE



    Phone: 773-463-8108

    ( located in chicago, so shipping shouldnt be a lot)

    Also which is where we deal for out of state/country engines...

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    every thing will bolt right up but just to be safe i whould go ahead and get a used ecu from the salvage yard it shoulnot be over 75 dollars

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  • 1 decade ago

    check out

    they have great motors at a good price.

    the electronics should be close but probably not exactly the same.

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