Why does it take so long to get SSD back pay??

I was approved in august of 07 and STILL havent recd it. When i call ssd 800 number or the local number i cant get any answers. They say its being processed at the payment center in baltimore and basically when they get to it they get to it. I was told i should receive it 6-8 weeks from when my benefits started but still havent gotten it.....anyone know how long it usually takes and why it could take so long...is it cause its a pretty big amount (theyre going back 4+yrs.

Thanks im getting fed up

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    You dont call your senator he/she is not going to give a hoot to be honest. Social Security and Disability is truely a waiting game. If they are going back 4 years there is probably alot of catch up they have to do and alot of research. Its the government they are not willing to give 4 years of SSD if your getting $1,000.00 a month for 12 months for four years thats $48,000.00 dollars. Would you give someone you have never met or know anything about a $48,000.00 check? There are governmental checks and balances that have to be completed. Keep your head up the money will come you just have to wait. Call once a week and they will get the hint to keep checking up on it themselves. Call everyday and they may just get annoyed where they delay it. Good Luck.....oh and when you get that money....I could use a new computer hehe. :) Take Care.

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    Who knows what their problem is?

    However, if you needed an attorney to get paid as many do, they will diddle over that for a good while, pulling out his 25%. If your check is a substantial amount, there may also be some tax issues that get tinkered with.

    If you used an attorney, he might have some method of getting them to get it sent already.

    If not, you might try writing a letter, certified return receipt requested, addressed to whoever notified you you had benefits. That MIGHT get some attention.

    If that gets no response, seriously, call your Senator. Some times it takes a pol to rattle an agency's cage. He won't do it, but a staffer will.

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