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the Clintons passed a bill during his administration,stating that if your a college student,?

and you are caught with one joint you are not eligilble for finaicial aid,do your homework college students,how wrong is that?


the police would have a field day during spring break parties and the colleges would be practically empty,you know you did it during your college days kids will be kids,why ruin their life?

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    It's because the Clinton's are dumb as ****

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    i'm no longer confident why bill Clinton visited a Catholic college understanding he will be requested those styles of questions. If those scholars want to understand who they're going to vote for, that turned right into a perfectly ideal question to ask, and bill being a so called human being, must have had a amazing answer particularly of blowing his suitable as he has many situations at present. convinced, you who opt for abortions may have all of them you opt for therefore some distance as i'm worried, yet those anti-abortion human beings do not want to vote for someone who's professional-abortion both. with slightly of success the Democrats will wipe themselves out finally, and this united states will be a much extra constructive position.

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    Are you saying that the bill is wrong?

    I don't think so. If you are stupid enough to be smoking joints, you don't deserve financial aid. Let someone who actually appreciates it and doesn't want to smoke their life away benefit from the money instead.

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    Well, I think college should be a learning place, not a party place. I would be very angry if my son threw his college away that way, as I can't afford to send him, & he knows that. Scholarships & finanical aid will be all that keeps him from working in a factory.

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    I don't think it's wrong at all. You're being given an opportunity to attend college and instead are doing something illegal. Bad college student, bad.

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    Perhaps you should do your homework. That was under Bush with a Republican Congress and Republican Senate.

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    Whats wrong with that? Don't do drugs! Duh

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