what does ual mean in a drug screen?

i have to take a urinalysis for a job and the paperwork says 2-9 panel + ual what does ual mean?

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    probably its an abbreivation for urinalysis....it seems like you are worrying a bit about this test. If that's the case and it's only a urin test then go get some cleansers. Got to your local "smoke shop" and they should have a cleanser to clean out your urinary track. If you don't have the $50 to drop here's how you do it for low cost:

    For one you need to do this about a week before your test.

    Get cranberry juice, green tea, laxitives and water. (basically anti-toxin cleansers) Take the laxitives (not excessivally) 2 days before the test. You want to poop good to clean your colin (FOLLOW the directions on the box and DO NOT exceed the limit).

    During the week you want to drink cranberry juice (lots of it) Green Tea (lots of it) and water (lots of it) (please eat during this process but make sure it's healthy foods rich in vitamins and proteins until the day of your test) 12 hrs before the test you do not want to eat anything. Just drink a lot of water and cranberry juice. Pee 3 times before you go to the test. Make sure you pee clear on the 3 times (yellow pee means u have vitamins in your pee and the toxins stick to the vitamins...that's the only way they can test for toxins) Pee clear and if they ask why u r peeing clear tell them you are on a diet for the New Year. Everyone knows you clean out your system when you start a new diet. They can't do anything about it.

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    i'm an admin asst for an a/c organisation. they do no longer placed any candidate via a drug demonstrate except they're heavily pondering them for employment. working the advert back ability considered one of two issues... a million) they're nevertheless "enjoying the sphere". consequently they could be finding to ensure in the event that they type discover somebody to fill the region with much less pay or somebody commented approximately your "in high-quality condition" with the organisation when you left (greater in this later). 2) they have better than one spot to fill. consequently, you have no longer any concerns except you fail the drug demonstrate. As for the "greater in this later" in #a million... the place I artwork as component to the preliminary interviewing technique they introduce the candidate to their destiny coworkers interior the workplace. After the candidate leaves there is often discussions among the administrative/HR and the different workers approximately this man or woman...gown, approach, and so on. consistent with those discussions whoever is in charge for hiring you determines no count number if or no longer they think of you would be a stable in high-quality condition.

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    Urine Analysis Lab

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    u are loser?

    thats if you dont pass lol idk

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