How hard is Web-designing?

I am currently a Graphic designer, but I'm also interested in Web-designing.? I would like to know if web designing is hard?? and can it be learned up quickly??

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    Web design is halfway between graphic design and programming. The task is essentially taking a visual design and implementing it in code.

    With experience, you'll learn which graphic design elements are easy to translate to the web, which will require serious work, and which to avoid altogether.

    You'll need to learn HTML (the basic language of the web) and CSS (advanced layout and design) to do it well, but there are a few professional WYSIWYG tools that will certainly help. But the sooner you learn the actual code, the more powerful your web design skills will become.

  • Web Designing, in which you will design apps, websites, layouts etc. Download and watch some tutorials online on html5, css3, SASS, LESS etc and learn how to design web pages, layouts, forms etc and learn trending tricks, plugins, layouts etc in which you will design.

    You don't have to go for the institute and other schools for the web designing, just google it and find the tutorials online, and learn it.

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    Web designing is hard until you have no knowledge about that. When you start learning it, according to them, web designing is most interesting language. And next, its depends on you how you take them. If you aim for web designing, it hards you for few days. But after that you may prove be a good web designer.

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    6 years ago

    Your graphic design background will be very helpful in web design, as a high degree of creativity is required to design a website. Like anything, web design must be learned and requires practice. There are plenty of online references that can help you, and the best way to learn is to just start designing websites. They don't have to go live; you can just open them from your local drive. The more sites you design, the more you'll get the hang of it. Eams' gave some good advice: learn coding from scratch. Even if you decide to use pre-existing templates for your sites (which I don't recommend), coding skills will definitely come in handy.

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    The problem with "easy" web-design programs is that they're not really worth the money or effort to learn. Dreamweaver is not that great of a program anyway, and it produces sloppy and sometimes incompatible HTML (that is, it doesn't display correctly on all major browsers).

    You're much better off just learning to write your own code from scratch. The easiest was is to learn the basics of HTML and then CSS. Eventually you can learn more complex scripting like Javascript and PHP, or imbedded applets like Java and Flash, if you want.

    If you go to , they have free step-by-step tutorials on pretty much any and all technical web skills. It also might help to take a web-design class.

    Whatever you do, don't forget to apply the skills you've learned as a graphic designer: typography, layout, composition, hierarchy, etc. High quality web design is just as difficult as high quality print design. Good luck.

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    6 years ago

    Web-designing is simply a complex job. If you have good creativity and you are a good graphic designer then it is easy for you to start web designing. It can't be learnt quickly because it requires many skills. You must have nice designing skills.

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    5 years ago

    Web Designing is not hard but it needs creativity. One can start learning web designing through w3schools site. The basics of web designing can be start with the help of learning HTML, Photoshop, CSS jQuery. Currently Responsive, Parallax and Flat UI are in trend. But to learn them it is better to take guidance from any professional or to join classes for it.

  • 6 years ago

    It is not much hard if you are really interested to do. All you need is some basic courses of computer and light knowledge about it. There are various like graphic designing, software etc. It also depends according the project you have choose.

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    Creating an effective web existence is imperative for any company today and can be a great marketing tool if used effectively. Factors such as increased conversion rates and improved brand loyalty and recognition can be obtained by a producing a top-notch website design.

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    1 decade ago

    it depends on what you want to do with it. i was in web design before i changed to graphic design. once you learn the coding, its like a second language and its no problem. and now you dont even need to know it most of the time with things like dreamweaver out there.

    take a basic html class. its a good place to start.

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