If a cheesy Time-Life infomercial were made about R&P, who would host it and what songs would on the CDs?

Happy Wednesday...we're half-way there! :)

I asked a question yesterday about a song that defines you, and sylvia's response has inspired this question:


These infomercials can be like Lifetime movies...if you watch even 30 seconds of it, you can be sucked in. When it's over, you look at the clock and realize that 30 minutes of your life, which you can never get back, is gone.

So if one of these were to be done for R&P, what would it be like? Who would host it? And what are a few songs that would be featured in the collection?

And for those who have never seen one of these, here's a clip. It's not exactly what I was looking for, but it will give you the general idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2MyLLPAo1I

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I left the word "be" out...sorry!

Update 2:

SJG - LOL...awesome!

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    I think it should be hosted by Gerard...and a lovely hostess would be Jessica Simpson. They would talk of days gone by and how they missed the mainstream lullabies of yesteryear...THEN, Rckets would blaze through on a Hawg and set the place on fire...."REAL" rock music would blare through the sound system as Gerard and Jessica cowered in a corner and covered their ears. Darth Maul and Fonzie would march in and proclaim this to now be a Rock and Pop expose', and Sookie and Spooky would throw silver metal confetti around the room. The rest of us would follow in formation and begin destroying the fluffy Emu/Pop set that had originally been designed, and Lemmy from Motorhead would begin a live show with Ace of Spades...the rest of the commercial would be 30 minutes of full blown Rock n Roll mania...Hosted by Raleigh from the Sublime soliloquy fame....he'd scream "You're interrupting my commercial"!

    EDIT: Y'all are my faves! I worship your knowledge!

  • row
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    3 years ago

    Time Life Infomercial

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hi I'm Gerard Way and I'm here to tell you about the collection no one asked for, from our researchers at the R&P panel I submit to you, the songs that you're tired of hearing about:

    Amazing hits like

    Welcome to the Black Parade

    This Ain't A Scene It's an Arms Race

    Face Down

    I Write Sins Not Tragedies

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams


    the greatest hits from bands people just can't stop talking about like:


    Tokio Hotel


    the Gym Class Heros


    and even...

    that song by that band that has a guitar and some drums and someone singing something that goes like hmm lalala da te da (sorry, I don't know the words, lol)

    maybe I'll even help you find those Hanna Montanna tickets

    and if you order right now we'll send you a complimentary book instructing you how to WrITe jUsT LIkE ThIs and a rosetta stone program that will help you understand how those wacky kids talk. Ever see this:

    ne1 ttly n2 muve nte. OMG u got Nvrndng stry Osum

    and if you're caller #5 I'll even come and save someone of your choice.


    Great answer SJG! I should have read the previous answers first, didn't realize the bar was that high.


    Thanks Sylvia.

    Thanks Paul.

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    I shouldn't have looked at the previous answers, but I envisioned Wayne Brady with Gerard surrounded by all of the panties of Britney hanging from the ceiling and special guests Pete and Ashley as they proclaim the 2000's the years of emo and girrrrrrl pop. Stop the music as Rockets, Mike and Jake start with a pirated Led Zepplin video of the reunion concert and proceed to update everybody on the current state of rock! Master C startes thrashing his punk attitude and the emos run from the show. Once they leave, the rest of the crew departs as well and for a gag start showing reruns of the Lawrence Welk show!

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  • Slava
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    4 years ago

    The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats....10 times cheesier if you watch the video.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Happy Wednesday Sookie

    SJG is a Goddess! What an awesome answer.

    Ditto Mike and Rckets

  • sylvia
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    1 decade ago

    I'm glad I could be an inspiration for a question.

    Unfortunately, I have no answer whatsoever.

    And even if I did, could I come close to topping SJG, or Prof? (Prof, nice touch with the "if you're caller #5...)

    I'm cracking up over here!

  • 1 decade ago

    Ya know, I'm not even going to try and top SJGs.... not even with a quip about Jack Blades being the host.... I just don't have that kind of creativity today.

    NP: "Stabbin' Daggers" - Sebastian Bach

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Happy Wednesday, Sookie.

    LOL!!!!!!!!! Brilliant answers from SJG and Prof.

  • 1 decade ago

    I gotta stick with the crowd and bow to SJG, she set the bar really high as far as answers go, and white girls can't jump.

    I really wanna throw some confetti now ;)

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