Does anyone know ay good fast p r o x y websites that arnt blocked by my school already?

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Circumventing Internet access control systems with web proxies to access unauthorized web sites is a violation of school computer usage policy. You will get suspended and/or banned from using school computers when you get caught. Use school computers for school work, and myspace can wait until you get home. Do you really want your teachers and school administrators knowing what you are posting on myspace anyways?
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  • CrackBerry Addict answered 6 years ago
    If you do a Google search for "MySpace proxy sites" you may be able to find some. We won't know which ones are blocked by your school.

    That being said, I would recommend you not try to circumvent school security.
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  • c.c. answered 6 years ago
    In order to gain acess to a proxy website u foirst need a proxy to bypass the local server. One known proxy that i use on a work computer is and port 8080
    this works well for me on a real strong webfilter.can gain acess to most anysite using it. How ever on some allowed sites such as google searches etc. it will prompt you thinking ur search was automatically genearted from virus and spyyware and u have to eneter the given scripts to prove u r human. Another cool way to surf around any thing at all is by using IP Tunnel. The safest way i found of using this and leaves no traces. Is full install of a webboirwser on a USB flash drive, and also configure the Ip Tunnel in with it. u r surfing the web in freedom from ur usb drive. Just be careful Its much easier for us at work to get away with this. At school it may not be such a great idea. But all these options work .
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