Anyone using a Medtronic Paradigm pump with CGM?

I have been using a Diestronic pump for about 10 years, and I want to upgrade. Please only answer if you are actually using the Medtronic Paradigm, or if you have used it in the past. I have info from the company, so I don't need any copied and pasted stuff. I just want to hear your personal experience, please!


Thanks so much for all your answers! I will check with my insurance and see if the CGM is something I can afford. I'm looking forward to a change.

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    I use the 522 version with the CGMS and I love it! It keeps me very updated on my blood sugar, and the second thing stuck in my side is not a big deal. You just have to keep it calibrated, and they work really well.

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    I've been on the 522 for almost a year and had the CGMS for about 7 months. I'm very happy with both. The CGMS isn't covered by my insurance so I don't use it all the time, but it's extremely helpful when I do use it. And I learned so much about my own BG patterns from it, that even when I don't use it I'm still able to achieve better control.

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    I use the Paradigm 722. I use the 722 because of it's higher volume (it can hold more insulin).

    I decided against the CGM, partly due to the expense (insurance does not cover it) and because I already have one infusion set in my abdomen and that's enough. I've been sticking my fingers for so long that I don't mind it anymore. It's so routine that I hardly think about it.

    I might change my mind eventually but for now, I'll go without. Even with the CGM, you still have to stick your finger for glucose levels.

    I have only used Minimed pumps. I prefer them and since I've been using their pumps for 8 years, I'm familiar with them and find them easy to use. I've only had problems with it maybe once or twice.

    You can call Minimed at 1-800-MINIMED and ask for more information on the CGM.


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    I haven't used either but I'll point out two things: 1. You can generally try them for under 30 days and get a partial refund. and 2. Medtronic's Veo has a low suspend if you use it with a sensor. That means that if you go low, it turns off the insulin. I think that's really really valuable. I used a medtronic guardian and I had skin issues with the sof-sensors. And I'm in the US, so the Veo isn't available here. But when the US version of it comes out, I intend to try it. And if it's bothering my skin too much, I'll send it back in under 30 days. Edit: Of the three CGMs for sale anywhere, the minimed sof-sensor system is the worst (I've used it) but for most people it still only has a lag of 15 minutes. And the enlite sensors that go with the Veo are better than the Sof-Sensors that go with the Paradigm.

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    Definitely a great idea. I've been on the 722 with cgm for a year and it's wonderful. My a1c has gone down 8 points. I used to dread the thought of going to sleep because I couldn't tell if I was going to get low at night and I didn't always wake up when it did get low. Now an alarm wakes me up if my blood sugar gets to high or too low. The trending information is priceless for fixing pattern lows and highs.

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    i'm using the minimed paradigm 712. its an older version and doesn't have the CGM, but otherwise it's pretty much the same. it is such a great pump...easy to learn how to use, and i've never had any problems with them. i've been wearing a minimed pump for over 8 years now, and since i've been on this pump i have been in much better control. i say if you're looking for an upgrade get the minimed.

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    My daughter; who is ten-years-old, was approved for and starting using this type of pump back in August. It was great, she still needed to check her blood sugar a couple of times a day, but it was so helpful in preventing highs and lows. She loved it.

    Now here's the down side, the sensors are on such back order the wait could be up to six months to receive more sensors (we only received enough sensors for 2 months)! She's heart broken, since she has to go back to the "old way". Not to mention only a handful of insurances are paying for continuous glucose monitoring, they are VERY expensive.

    Still I would highly recommend this pump, but wait till the company can meet demand. Good luck.

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