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what are some famous landmarks?

i am doing my art final piece, and i wanted to put some famous buildings or landmarks along the centre of it. i was thinking like big ben, the taj mahal....etc. mostly buildings. does anyone know of some good ones?

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    You've already mentioned two of the best. How about the White House, The Washington Monument. Aslo the last suriving of the Seven Wonders of the Worl, the Pyramids at Giza or the Temple at Karnac. How about the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge. Not forgetting that art-deco wonder the Empire State Building, the Satue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower in Pareeeee. AND not forgetting the Sphynx.

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    Many famous Landmarks in India it's are following Qutab Minar Jama Masjid Rashtrapati Bhawan India Gate Lotus Temple Red Fort all these Landmarks placed in Delhi Lingaraja Temple City- Bhubaneswar State- Orissa Sun Temple City-Konark State- Orissa Hawa Mahal City- Jaipur State-Rajesthan Ajanta, Maharashtra Ellora, Maharashtra Mumbai (Bombay) and Gateway of India Khajuraho Victoria Memorial, Calcutta Charminar, Hyderabad Somnath Temple, Gujarat Meenakshi Temple, Madurai Ranakpur Jain Temple, Rajasthan Chennai (Madras)

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    Taj Mahal

    Eiffel Tower

    Tower of London

    London Eye

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    I like the Pyramids, the Parthenon, the Kremlin, the US Capitol, St. Peter's Basilica, the Great Wall, Sydney Opera House, Wrigley Field, Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty, or even the World Trade Center. For nearly 30 years it was THE icon of NYC.

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    The Forth Railway Bridge, The Tower of London, The Clifton Suspension Bridge.

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    Taj Mahal

    Hanging gardens of Babylon



    Niagra falls

    Leaning tower of Pisa

    Cistine Chapel

    The Cheers Bar

    Field of Dreams ballfield in Iowa!!

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    How about the Wallace monument in Stirling Scotland.

    220 feet high has 250 steps to the top70feet below the top of the crown. one of three three rooms holds the actual sword of William Wallace the room is about 24feet square and 30 feet high.

    A stunning few of Stirling and the carse can be seen from the top. Worth a visit.

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    Big Ben is actually the Bell that is housed within the Tower of Westminster

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    Blackpool Tower, of course!

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