Name Ideas for Knife Sharpening business?

My husband would like to start a local, home based knife sharpening business and I would like some suggestions of creative yet smart business names. We were thinking "Precision Sharpening" "or something but it seems abit boring. Also, could you please tell me:

If a mobile sharpening service arrived at your door and offered to sharpen your kitchen knives, scissors and chisels for $4 each, would you consider it?

Would "Blade Runner" work as a name?

We are thinking about doing the above mentioned but aren't sure if there is a market for it, especially as we are in a small town, QLD Australia.

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    i lived in qld (caloundra) up until about 8 years ago and there was a guy doing that then it was really a fantastic idea he did scissors axes knifes everything and we used him. as for a name hmmm

    blade runners kinda works, daily grind..home 'n' honed.....razor revival's i dont know its a hard one

    best of luck and i hope it all works

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  • I'd Go there, The price is cheap,

    And my Knifes always get so dull, D:

    And, the name Blade Runner sounds Perfect.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I recenlty discoved that when one has a service business "My.." as the first word helps prospects and those referring you to say "call MY Knife Sharpener" for example.

    Source(s): Gary Holstead, My New Closets
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  • 1 decade ago

    i suggest it is perfect buisness to operate.because mostly people let go those un sharp knife.because they have'nt fine any spare t ime to nmade them sharp.

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