Is it true that most Australians are decentants of English Criminals?

I was told this by a friends and also told look at the cricket news in the past tow days you will know

I don't what is the connection between the past two days cricket news and their alleged criminal antecendants!

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    It is partially true and partially incorrect.

    Many current Australians have migrated from most countries throughout the world, especially Europe, or are descendants of people who migrated here.

    Yes, many Australians are descendants of BRITISH (Irish, Scottish, Welch and English) convicts who were shipped to Australia, especially Tasmania (formerly Van Diemiens Land) and New South Wales (NSW). Other Australians of British heritage came as free-settlers or as military personnel.

    I know of at least one of my ancestors who was a convict, the first of my family tree's name. Two of my grandmother's ancestors were also also convicts.

    Many others were free settlers.

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    Is it true that most Australians are decentants of English Criminals?

    I was told this by a friends and also told look at the cricket news in the past tow days you will know

    I don't what is the connection between the past two days cricket news and their alleged criminal antecendants!

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    Some were, not all. But not a criminal country. Here is the story. People have lived in Australia for more than 50,000 years. The first people in Australia were the Aboriginal people. We think they came by boat from the islands of what is now Indonesia. They lived in all parts of Australia. Their lives were simple, they had very few needs. They lived by hunting, fishing and gathering food. They lived in bands, and they spoke many different languages. In 1788 the British sent a fleet of ships to settle Australia. Britain needed a place to send its convicts (people who had been sent to jail for theft and other crimes). Its jails were full. This First Fleet settled at a place they called Sydney. For the first few years they did not have much food, and life was very hard. But soon they began to farm, and more people came. Sydney grew, and new towns were started. Soon people from Sydney found other parts of Australia. George Bass and Matthew Flinders sailed south to Tasmania. Hamilton Hume and William Hovell went south by land. They found the Murray River, and good land in Victoria. Thomas Mitchell went inland, and found more rivers. Others went north and found Queensland. Soon more towns and cities were started. Then, gold was found in 1851. Many more people wanted to come to Australia. The country grew very fast, and some people became very rich. As the towns and farms spread across Australia, the Aboriginal people were pushed off their land. Some were killed, and many died from illness and hunger. Soon few were left, and they were made to live on small reserves. In 1840 Britain stopped sending convicts to Australia. The people in Australia wanted to run their own country, and not be told what to do from London. So in 1851 New South Wales, Victoria and the other colonies established their own Parliaments, where they could make their own laws. The goldrushes of New South Wales and Victoria started in 1851 leading to massive immigration and population growth across south east Australia and the generation of great wealth and industry.

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    Yep. Most Australian states were originally settled as penal colonies (except South Australia). Many of the criminals were just commiting crimes of severe poverty -- 7 years jail for stealing a loaf of bread, seriously. Most of them were not violent criminals, they were just trying to survive in the endemic poverty of London at the time. They were caught, and shipped over here, to get rid of England's little problem of overcrowded prisons.

    Most of the convicts served their time and then made names for themselves in the colonies. Many died, but enough survived to start new lives. Actually, now it's quite prestigious to have your heritage traced back to the convict ships, but because of the stigma attached to it previously, many of the records have been destroyed.

    I had an ancestor who was a convict. His best mate stole a loaf of bread, and he took the blame, because his mate had a wife and kids, who would have starved without him.

    Australia's disrespect for beauraucracy I believe is traced back to our beginnings as penal outposts. If it wasn't for the hard work and labour of convicts, and the support of native peoples, our country wouldn't be what it is today.

    I don't even follow Cricket, so I don't give a stuff who said what. I wasn't there, I didn't hear it. It's all between grown men, who should learn to bite their tongues.

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    Its a fact that all Australians are descendants of English Criminals. These crimes were not just petty crimes, but involved rape, murder and crimes that words cannot describe. All continued with their crimes when shipped in Australia where they wiped out (ethnic cleansing) nearly all of the indigenous people of Australia and surrounding countries. We should introduce retrospective justice for all their crimes committed with the Australian indigenous people by the shipped English criminals. Because of this we do not have another human race in this world. Words cannot describe the crimes committed with indigenous people. All I say is like Nelson Mandela forgive them for they do not know what they do!

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      By the way you moron, Jesus Christ said, while hanging on a cross, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." If Mandella said it, he was quoting Jesus 2,000 years earlier!!!

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    Ohhhhh sorry the answer is no!! well in my case anyway.

    My great grandmother was born on the ship as it berthed so she never ever had a birth certificate weird huh?

    Having see a fair bit of Tasmania it makes you wish you had come from criminals as they talk about some like they were hero's,and some really young lads did do it tough.

    So my Irish background is ho hum hahahaha!!

    Oh sheesh that cricket debacle stinks some people cant handle loss

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    Mate the short answer to that question is no. The long answer is that australians come from all the countries in the world. My own ancestry is irish ,french, german, english, welsh, mongolian, spanish ,norweigian, and probably other bits i don't know about. My australian friends come from many countries including india ,kenya sudan, china and,korea, .My stepmother is fijian and my aunt is from hong kong - i hope this answers your question. BTW one of my ancestors was a convict and i have never been in trouble with the law in my life.

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    Yes, Australians come from English criminals. Except for the indigenous Australians (Aboriginals) who came from Indonesia or Thailand originally but a long time ago. And obviously all the people who migrated after Australia had stopped being a British penal colony.

    But the problem with the cricket has nothing to do with that. It's just that people who play professional cricket are idiots.

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    No wonder! I should have thought about that when they stole my wallet in Melbourne. Now it has started to make sense.

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