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    For the first time ever, we have a Harry Potter movie that isn't an ensemble piece. Unlike any of the films before it, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is focused squarely on Harry. In constructing the film, David Yates said his goal was to make it primarily about Harry’s state of mind. He does that, but takes it so far that he does so to the movie’s detriment.

    The film exists, more than any of the others, in sort of a perpetually dim, drab twig light world. We find Harry right from the outset lurking in it, transformed into an angsty, bitter, and hormonal teenager who seems to lash out at anyone and everyone, whether or not he has a reason. As it is in each of these movies, the mysterious dark lord Voldemort has returned and continues to make life hard for Harry. This time he seems to have chosen to do it through the Wizard media. The new Wizard government has decided that Voldemort doesn’t exist, and that for the past couple of years Harry has just made the whole thing up. He's slandered in the newspapers and used as a political tool, which only serves to make Harry's newfound teen angst even angstier.

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix represents a depressing step backward for these movies. Harry Potter newcomer David Yates has sucked the life right out of the room and his characters. The script just doesn’t work unless you’ve got a Cliff’s Notes version of the novels there with you. Also missing along with coherent plot development are any of those really defining moments we’ve gotten in the other films. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban had that great character moment where Hermione punches Malfoy’s lights out. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire had the brilliantly constructed, wonderfully sweet and awkward school dance. Order of the Phoenix has nothing like that, preferring instead to live in a monotone, droning world of blah. Luckily for Yates, though the movie itself is something akin to a disaster it also contains the best performances we’ve seen in the movies so far. Radcliffe’s Potter may be kind of a buzz kill, but he’s good at playing it and does a decent job of carrying the movie on his shoulders. It’s just a shame that the series had to get so bland, do nothing, and dreary in order to get this kind of work out of him.

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    Sorry , It is Chinese .

    實不相瞞, 最近對很多電影的續集都缺乏入戲院觀看的興趣, 例如《Spiderman 3》、《Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 》(魔盜王3)、《Shrek 3》、《Die Hard 4》. 會去觀看《哈利波特 - 鳳凰會的密令》的原因, 都只是為了一睹 IMAX 3D 而已.

    故事方面, Harry Potter 系列已經來到第5集, 而且這電影對象的年齡層都是比較小, 什麼華麗大場面, 鋒迴路轉的情節, 我都不會抱有太大期望. 和之前4集不同的地方, 很明顯主角們又長大了, 也開始脫離柴娃娃的學校生活及打鬥. 今集氣氛比較死氣沉沉, 內容也經常圍繞 黑魔法, 無論是一開場出現的 Dementors, 正氣師* (Auror) 對 Death Eaters, 上課學集的 黑魔法防禦術 (Defence Against the Dark Arts).

    長篇故事的好處, 是可以把之前留下的伏線, 在之後幾集慢慢才拆解. 例如今集提到 史內卜教授 (Severus Snape) 跟 James Potter 的過節, 解釋了為何從第一集開始 史內卜就針對 哈利波特. 而上一集 奈威 (Neville Longbottom) 對著 Unforgivable Charms 表現異常, 今集也解釋了他父母的遭遇.

    整體來說, 故事普通, CG 特技均有一定水準, 只是上集我比較欣賞的 Sirius Black 在火爐中出現的方法, 今集變了簡簡單單的 image compositing.

    至於那20分鐘 IMAX 3D 的效果, 我嫌比較短了一點, 真的不夠喉. 而且我坐的位置可能太前 (D 行), 角度有點兒不對, 令到立體效果不太好. 如果大家去 IMAX 影院看的話, 我建議坐 F, G, H 行比較好, 當然要正中 18, 19 號座位啦. 不過片中的字幕是用另一部 projector 播放, 當戴上 3D Glasses 時, 字幕反而有了鬼影看得不清楚, 希望日後可以改善.

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