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    ( A) 18. , I would have been more successful in my search for the lost watch.

    A had the room been brighter B should the room be brighter

    C If the room was brighter D were the room brighter

    ( A ) 19. The stock market collapse, therefore, had been merely the first of weveral detonations in which a flimsy structure of speculation had been .

    A leveled to the ground B level to the ground

    C leveling on the ground D leveling to the ground

    ( D ) 20. Delegates to the political convention found a candidate from among the few nominated.

    A difficulty to choose B it difficult in making the choice

    C choosing difficult when selecting D it difficult to choose

    For questions 21-25, choose the answer that best matches the meaning of the underlined word or phrase as it is used in the sentence.

    ( A ) 21. Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and Virginia Woolf are prolific writers.

    A productive B famous C esteemed D respected

    ( A ) 22. The Kennedy Administration further advanced racial equality by appointing many eminent blacks to high government posts.

    A distinguished B wealthy C intelligent D educated

    ( B ) 23. In the 1900s, most thoughtful Americans were not complacent about their social, Economic, and political situation.

    A moderate in B satisfied with C clear about D worried about

    ( B ) 24. The remoteness afforded by a vast ocean allayed fears of reprisal the colonies might otherwise have had.

    A dereated B assuaged C caused D brought

    ( C ) 25. The American people, disillusioned by the failure of the crusade for democracy in World War I, announced that in no circumstances could any belligerent countries look to them for aid.

    A neighbourly B friendly C warring D surrounding

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