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    Jiaotong University brain scientific research center develops "may

    take along the type to hit sleepily detecting", installs on the

    movement hat, no matter you are drive, the value night shift in the

    highway, perhaps bustles about when the technical person, wants to hit

    sleepily, has the buzzer to remind you: "Attention!"

    JiaotongUniversity brain scientific research center Director Lin Chinteng and Dr. candidate Ke Liwei, recently when French and at the American

    international seminar, published this hat correlation paper, creates

    the stir.

    Lin Chinteng said that, generally to hits sleepily conducts the

    research, all detects the back of the head to send out "Ahl to send

    the wave" primarily, but they discovered, detects the forehead Ahl

    sends the wave and the theta wave is more precise, this is a


    Lin Chinteng said that, hands over the cerebrum scientific research

    center to study the cranial nerve project already for four years

    under, discusses the humanity in each kind of vision, the sense of

    hearing and moves the feeling to stimulate the nerve signal response

    and the cerebrum cognition relevance, then researches and develops

    between the brains and the machinery lies between the surface

    technology, as well as light, is thin, short, the small carrying


    Ke Liwei said that, in the past detected to the brain wave all picks

    the wet type electrode, had to put on covers entirely the line the

    brain electric wave hat, blew the hair, lets the feeling measure the

    part approached the skin, but also had to spread the thick thick

    physiological salt water, could the electric conduction. But is loaded

    with "may take along type sleepily detecting" the movement hat, only

    installs five dry electrodes in the hat along on, simple also is


    2008-01-09 13:48:59 補充:

    After the dry electrode detects the brain wave, can the signal

    transmission hat upper left side small pocket in "the brain electric

    wave signal amplifier",

    2008-01-09 13:49:16 補充:

    inside have a blue bud wireless transmission

    model, may pass to the computer several signals, P D the A handset

    perhaps D S P (several signals processors), again connects futher the

    police telltale, discovered wears a hat the person to hit sleepily,

    then sends out the danger signal.

    2008-01-09 13:49:35 補充:

    This micro mechanical and electrical

    system regulation "dry electrode", length and breadth only two

    centimeters, piece of cost ten Yuan.

    2008-01-09 13:49:40 補充:

    Ke Liwei said, last

    year when English publication, "on the scene some people must

    subscribe 500." This set of design has obtained our country patent, is

    applying for the American patent.

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