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內容是告訴客人結關日,ETD, ETA和港口,還有貨物的名稱,

還有Invoice & packing 將在ETA後寄給客人,

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    Dear Customer:

    Below context is our shipping notification, please kindly review it.

    Date of Customs clearance: ****



    Arrival Port:

    Description and quantity(品名和數量)



    最後ㄧ句的講法怪怪的喔...invoice and packing list應該在辦理出口就已經準備好,否則無法出口.理論上妳應該在這封通知信ㄧ並提供,最晚也是出貨前要通知,不可能ETA後才提供...


    1. The invoice and packing list are as enclosure, please review them.或是

    2. We will provide the invoice and packing list sooner before shipping.

    Any further, please feel free to contact us.


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  • Alice
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    Please find the shipping details as follows,


    P/N(Product): xxxx

    Cut-off date:

    ETD XXX(寫上出發地), 如 ETD Keelung

    ETA XXX(寫上目的地), 如 ETA Pusan

    By the way, we will send you the invoice and packing list after we make sure shipment on board.

    (不該是 ETA 後才寄給客戶,我想應該是ETD後要通知吧!)

  • Sookie
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    Dear XXX,

    Please be informed that we have arrange shipment for order#xxx. Below are the shipment details for your reference and action.

    We should send the Invoice and Packing List to you after the ETD (or after shipment effected/on board).

    Commodity: Product ABC.

    Order Number: 123

    Invoice: XXXX

    Packing List: XXXX

    Vessel: XXXX voy#123

    ETD TPE (Origin Port): 1/12/08

    ETA LAX (Destination Port): 2/20/08

    Container Number: ABCD1234567

    Bill Of Lading or Air Awaybill #: XXXXXXXX

    Please be informed and should keep you posted.

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