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Hello, everyone,

This is my first time using English to introduce myself.

I feel very tense cause I don't have any confidence with my English.

My name is xxx. My English name is ooo. 1989年8月出生於台北.所以我是個熱愛夏天的女孩.我今年18歲.是獅子座 個性活潑,外向,樂觀,開郎,隨和 我是個很好相處的人 興趣:打電腦.游泳.聽音樂.看籃球比賽 graduate from 某某 senior high school現在就讀 某某大學Electrical Engineering一年級 . 之所以選擇念電機系是因為,現在科技發展中,電機算是很重要的一部分.而且在將來還有無限的發展空間.






I am very grateful to my parents for everything they have done for

raising me. They are the best.

Above is my self-introduction, thank you very much!!

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    Born in Taipei in August of 1989. So I am a girl who has deep love for summer. I am 18 years old this year. It is that Leo individual character is lively, extroversion is optimistic, opens my darling, amiable I am a a very easy person who get along interest: Make the computer. Swimming. Listen to the music. Watch to the basketball match graduate from so-and-so senior high school and study in grade one of so-and-so university Electrical Engineering now. It choose not studying in electrical machinery the departments because, in the development in science and technology, the electrical machinery can be regarded as a very important part now. And there is limitless development space in future.

    I, to a lot of trifle things, it is not easy to forget either to be all very careful, so a lot of trifling miscellaneous affairs, can do it well for me, my outsight is better too, so can notice some others pay attention to the place to relatively less than, I often think a lot of anything, so the one that can think usually is more thoughtful than others, I think these are my advantages!

    There are 4 members in our family, father is a service trade, mother is a housewife, there is a younger sister who studies in primary school.

    Father was a soldier in the past, so disciplining stricter to us, relatively have some more traditional thoughts, but mother a suitable one fine to us, have more more enlightened thoughts even, for younger sister and I, mother is really very important, and mother and I are just like friend, always a lot of can have a chat.

    The pictures of younger sister and I are with a lot of years' difference, very apt to quarrel, but very easy to play into one, but I often teach the younger sister how to write the homework, teach him the computer too, so I am just like his idol.

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    My home is a family with ordinary income, but the emotion of the whole family is very good, often go out together to travel, because I am the eldest in the family, parents reach sizable expectation of having to me, I will be diligent too, will not let down their expectation.

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    Hello, everyone,

    This is my first time using English to introduce myself.

    I feel very tense cause I don't have any confidence with my English.

    Born in August 1989 in Taipei, so I love summer is a girl. Me this year, 18-year-old. Lions Block personality is energetic, outgoing, optimistic, open Lang, easygoing, I was a good person with interest: a computer. Swimming. Hearing Music. look at basketball games graduate from senior high school XX XX now attending the University of Electrical Engineering first grade. chose to study electrical engineering is because the technology now in the development of the motor is very important part in the future but also unlimited space for development .

    I have many small things are very careful not easy to forget, so many trivial chores, I can be done to the good, my observation is relatively good, so it may be noted that some people fail to pay attention to the comparison, I often think a lot of things, so usually can think of than others thoughtful, I think these are my strengths!!

    Our family has four members, the father is the service industry and his mother was a housewife, there is a study of small sister,

    His father used to be a soldier, so we have more stringent discipline, the more some of the more traditional thinking, but we have a mother it has a good, relatively liberal thinking, to me and my younger sister, the mother is really very important, and I and the mother as a friend, always will have much to say to chat about.

    I and a lot of difference-year-old sister, so very easy to quarrel, but also very easy to play as one, but I have always taught her Xiezuoye also taught him the computer, so I like his idols like.

    My family is a family of ordinary income, but the feelings of the family very well, and often travel together out because I am the boss at home, so I went to the parents of a considerable expectations, I will strive to, not to live up to their expectations

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