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    Now an abundant fishing village "the water tail", because of is

    located Jin Paoli the brook, the deep pool brook two brooks

    collections estuary acquires fame, Italy is tail of the mountain

    stream. But tail of the mountain stream in addition on inflow sea,

    therefore this units place in the amphibious advantage then, the water

    resources abundant copious fishing village, its development had the

    quite remote history, also once was prosperous for a while.

    According to place 耆老 expression, in three, 400 years ago, Jin

    Paoli (namely Jinshan) foreign transportation, by marine

    transportation primarily, therefore area intercourse Jilong, the fresh

    water ships, mostly can pause in Shui Weikang; Added on then Jin Paoli

    the brook water depth surface broad, the shipping extremely good,

    therefore had to transport to the county fair the cargo, all collected

    in the water tail unloads cargo, the transportation, people's

    collection also made it gradually to form the settlement, to prosper

    day after day, naturally became a lively prosperous fishing village

    harbor, but in the place was important a center Yuan celebration which

    also needed to go to sea, certainly also on in this hold.

    From Shui Weizhuang, Shui Weits'un, to present abundant fishing

    village, although the geographic name has the change in the

    administration, but the place inhabitant still was used to by "the

    water tail" the name. Now marine transportation although already no

    longer, but the inhabitant were still many to the fishery maintains

    livelihood, and in every year center Yuan celebration, also continued

    to act the important role, let within the boundaries of Jinshan year

    after year the safe abundant harvest.

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