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hellhole asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請大家幫忙,簡單口語的翻譯 (與SVG技術有關)





The imaging model of SVG is based on industry standards, such as PostScript and PDF, with a number of Web-specific enhancements. The base features of SVG include shapes and Bézier paths, control over an object’s stroke and fill, the ability to render multi-lingual text in the same manner

as any other SVG shape with comprehensive font facilities, support for raster images with ICC profiles, complex fill patterns and gradients, clipping, masking, affine transformations and object transparency (using an alpha channel). More importantly, it was designed for the Web and as such includes hyperlinking into and out of the document and is encoded in XML, the core technology for current and future Web development.

The Web is interactive. SVG was designed from the ground up to fully integrate the user into this interactive Web environment while providing excellent quality graphics and performance. Animation is a fundamental part of SVG and is provided by SMIL, the W3C Recommendation for

Multimedia. Nearly every graphical property (such as an object’s shape, position, fill or stroke) can be declaratively animated in SVG, using either interpolated time-based animation, which provides the smoothest performance regardless of processing capabilities, or frame-based animation. Furthermore, the rendering tree of an SVG document has a comprehensive object model, allowing embedded scripts in languages such as Javascript to

programmatically modify any aspect of rendering, or create objects on the fly. We are beginning to see application user interfaces being designed and implemented purely in SVG. The combination of declarative animation, scripting and the complex event model make SVG images a nearly limitless interactive environment.

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    SVG 的描繪模型以像附記和可攜式電子文件這樣的工業標準為基礎,藉由一些網路-特性的提高。 SVG 的惡劣特徵包括形狀和貝塞爾曲線路徑,對物體的筆劃的控制而且裝滿,能力以相同的方法提出多舌的本文

    當做任何其他的 SVG 形狀與廣泛的字型設備,對於試映圖的支持與 ICC 描繪描繪,合成物裝滿典型和傾斜度、剪斷,掩蔽,姻親轉形和物體透明(像是物體的形狀,放置,裝滿或者划尾槳)在 SVG 可能是能明白活生生,使用或竄改以時間為基礎的動畫,提供不管處理能力、或者以框架為基礎的動畫最平滑的表現。 此外, SVG 文件的翻譯樹有一個廣泛的物體模型,以語言允許植入的手寫體 , 像是 Javascript 到


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    SVG 的描繪模型以像附記和可攜式電子文件這樣的工業標準為基礎,藉由一些網路-特性的提高。 SVG 的惡劣特徵包括形狀和貝塞爾曲線路徑,對物體的筆劃的控制而且裝滿,能力以相同的方法提出多舌的本文

    當做任何其他的 SVG 形狀與廣泛的字型設備,對於試映圖的支持與 ICC 描繪描繪,合成物裝滿典型和傾斜度、剪斷,掩蔽,姻親轉形和物體透明(我們

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