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Why are you hungry an hour after eating chinese food?


Ent wife, I really fancy your humour

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    chinese foods well most is high in carbohydrates, the later in the day that you eat carbohydrates the sooner you'll be hungrier again. that is why you should fill up on carbohydrates early in the day, like the morning that way you will be hungry for lunch and the will give out energy and be burned off throughout the day. egg drop soup be damned, i love the stuff.

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    No. You may be eating Chinese food, but I doubt you are eating it in proper proportions. If you are skipping on the starch and vegetables, that would explain it. A good Chinese meal will consist of about 85% starch and vegetables and about 15% animal protein. That should last you at least 4 hours under moderate to heavy activity.

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    The Chinese food that people eat in North America is prepared for a North American taste, and is not really Chinese at all.

    We live in Taiwan, and my wife and I say two things about Chinese food.

    1. Nobody makes worse bread, or worse cheese, than Chinese people.

    2. Nobody makes better vegetables, or better soup, than Chinese people.

    You can have a helping of Chinese vegetables, or a bowl of their soup and (trust me), you won't be hungry again until the next day.

    What does this have to do with religion and spirituality?

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    I know, annoying isn't it?

    I always end up hungry again an hour to two after I eat Chinese.... grrr

    But that's okay, because Chinese food is just oh so good :)

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    well i think chinese food has a lot of starch...rice, noodles, etc. Starch is asimilated faster than meat...which means its digested and passed through to the lower intestines thus leaving the stomach empty. This is why the expression came about.

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    Well, since this is in the Religion and Spirituality section, I'm going to say Because God told me to be Hungry again.

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    So that you will want some more! I sure would like to have some chinese food right now, are you sharing?

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    lnteresting question.My husband loves chinese food,but for that exact same reason you asked about, is the same reason l prefer a pizza.At least you feel full after eating only half.

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    Then what food doesn't make you hungry after you eat?i believe it is the amount you take.

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    because you don't eat enough of it.

    now to last wife: i went to your site, i like you.

    your site [about me] makes perfect sense.

    do you ever listen to john MacArthur?

    i liked at the end; you are or are not, period.

    which creed was that?

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