Electoral College... Keep it or kill it?

Is it time to kill the electoral college and finally make this country a direct democracy?

Why or why not.
Update: I love how people always say how people in small states wont have a voice.. Thats a common misconception...

State lines dont matter.. 1 person, 1 vote..
Update 2: Did yall know, at minimum 11 states are needed to win an election with the Electoral College...
But to be fair, it would only take 9 states to get a majority in a direct democracy... But thats under the condition that EVERYONE in that state votes for the same candidate.
Update 3: Well, get rid of the Electoral College, Get rid of Political parties... And we are set.
Update 4: TiredTrucker, you fail to get my argument. Under a direct democracy, where people are voting dosent matter. What does matter is the number of votes for the candidate.

1 person:1 vote
Update 5: I believe that candidates would be inclined to branch out and not focus only on the higher populated states.
Update 6: can you give me an example of a Direct democracy turned dictatorship.
Update 7: united states 1776
electoral College: 1804...

I think you have the dates wrong, but we arent arguing that...

You are talking about actions a standing president is taking. Which would be Checked by the branches. At the time of voting, one could not do such a thing. Irrelevant
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