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How many shows(theatre) should you be in befor submitting your resume to an agent?

I've been in one show, and am planning on auditioning for more, I've gotten two callbacks for a very hard to get in theatre, and have taken summer, and two fall classes there. I've been in forensics for 2 years. I'm going to be a theatre major in Highschool next year as well, and Im a drama major now, and have taken two classes at my school. and another question, I'm going to be auditioning for "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". I'm in solo serious in forensics now, but if I get into Will wonka, and the scheduals overlap, which should I choose?


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    The answer is ZERO. Submit yourself anyway. If you're young, an agent won't expect a big resume. However, after auditioning, a legit agent may suggest you get some more experience, take classes, etc. Of course, that's a great idea, but keep submitting yourself anyway.

    Just showing you're active in school plays communicates that you're enthusiastic. If you do get called in to meet an agent, find an experienced person to coach you through the meeting. You may need a monologue (or two) depending on whether you're meeting an agent for commercials or theatrical (which is potentially movies, TV).

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    wooaaahh i was going to audition for will wonka today tooo!!

    i bet we were going to with the same company...ahhha

    do more shows and agents will be more interested in you

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  • Angie
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    You should be in enough that your devoted following has been suggesting it to you for at least a couple of years.

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  • Anonymous
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    i donno. i had ABSOLUTLY no acting expiriance like no lessons or anything and i went to an audition thing to find an agent of coarse....i got one....a scammer though. i am going into acting lessons to learn a little more and then after 8 weeks im going to submit my resume into them! good luck. i would say get some acting lessons.

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