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Marie asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

How do the Democratic presidential candidates stand on the issue of Illegal immigration?


This is a very important issue to me and I was just wondering where they stand on this issue? I am an Independent and undecided at this point.

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    I think immigration full stop is a big issue. When you look at the issues in France, the United Kingdom, Australia and the US it is increasingly clear that no matter how many there are of us that are against racism, integration does not work as well as we would like when that integration does not extend fully to language and culture (excluding religion of which I think must always remain each to his own choice). For a lot of valid reasons migrant groups gather together in particular towns and suburbs creating and them and us from both sides.

    I don't have any real answers, just concerns.

    Each country should always have the right to determine their immigration policy as they see fit, yet can we truly say economic immigration is of less worth in consideration than refugee immigration. If the table was turned, what parent would not take at times dangerous risks to send money back to a hungry extended family, including children and the elderly.

    In no way do I advocate a free for all, that would be against each countries national interests and that of its citizens. Yet at the same time, I see this as a complex area with no simple solutions. I am against walls in principle, but not necessarily their intent.

    The globe gets smaller yet we remain troubled by issues that have gone unresolved for a 100 years or more. Can anyone ever put forward immigration policies we would all agree with. I very much doubt it.

    Be safe, be sage

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    Legalize all that are here, and let their relatives in and everyone here needs to speak spanglish oh and don't forget the sanction cities started by the liberal democrats where drug runners and murderers move about freely.

  • 1 decade ago

    That's where they get a lot of their votes. The Dems are the ones that made laws that force us to pay for their education, housing and medical care.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They roll out the welcome mat.

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