Did anyone of see the scary Glenn Beck interview with U.S. Comptroller General???

The US Comptroller General (i never even knew existed) was on the Glenn Beck TV program today. His mane is David Walker, and he heads the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) and is in effect the USA's chief accountability officer.

Walker has compared the present-day United States with the Roman Empire in its decline, saying the U.S. government is "on a ‘burning platform’ of unsustainable policies and practices with fiscal deficits, chronic healthcare under funding, immigration and overseas military commitments threatening a crisis if action is not taken soon.

On the Glenn Beck program today, he said that the debt of the USA (on social security and Medicare) plus others is rounded up to $56 TRILLION. With $2 TRILLION USD ADDED EVERT YEAR!!

Right now, the average household owes $400k i debt if it is to be paid up.(is your house plus car worth up to that)? Plus Pres. Bush just approved a $550 billion.

Well with this, i don’t support Iraq any more. I don’t support the Democrat/McCain healthcare and social security reform either.


1) Social security and Medicare benefits are cut by Half

2) Increase payroll by 103% compared to 93% that would have been needed in 2003.

3) Scrap all spending(not even 1)

4) I don’t remember the others, but it will be on again tonight at 9 ET and I think Mid-night.

Although I don’t agree with 60% of his views, the only guy saying the truth today is Ron Paul. I am not endorsing him or anything. I love this country, and I have to say the truth.


Opinions please


star my questions pls.

Update 2:

Lisa D: it wasnt Glenn who said all these things, it was the U.S. Comptroller General, David Walker.

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    To answer Steven S's question: I think it was called the "menu for delayed pain" -- to show how much it would cost us to put off addressing this issue year by year.

    I second the Ron Paul comment -- we need a president that can pull back excessive, wasteful governmental spending. That needs to be top priority. (Even though I, too, don't necessarily agree with ALL of his views.)

    The part of the program that worried me the most was when Walker said that if the government were a business, it would be bankrupt, and that our dollar is comparable to our "stock" -- insinuating that there is much worse to come in terms of the dollar decline.

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    I saw him on Glenn Beck [I think several months ago] From what I recall, he took his findings to the boys in DC and was ignored and that's why he is on the air to the American people directly. Wake up! It is very scary. The easiest thing to do is raise taxes rather than fix what's broke. Example: when that bridge collapsed back east 5 months ago, it was said that America doesn't have the funds to fix them. BS. Every gallon of gas is taxed for the fund. Now, if the government has sucked the money out to fund their pet projects such as the "road to no where," that's a travesty. As I have said before, if we the people knew where our tax dollars were really going, we would take to the streets. Eliminate spending baggage. This country is in serious trouble. I have a 19 year old son who is working and paying his all his taxes. It both angers me and breaks my heart that when he needs his Social Security, it will have been long gone.

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    First of all, Glen Beck likes to shock people, he is a shock jock. Second, our country is in debt and has been in debt for decades not since the past 8 years. The pork barrel is out of control and we americans continue to vote in status quo, i.e. teddy kennedy. One way to save our debt is to completely scrap the welfare system and design it for who it was solely to help, the very poor who need help even though they are working. Not the women with 4 kids by 4 guys because its easier to get welfare, not the lazy guy who claims he is an alcoholic to get social security benefits. We need to work! not be lazy and a sponge. Welfare and pork spending are out of control and until we rise up and demand the spending stop, it will continue. I am 43 yrs old and know that social security will not be there, although i'm grateful it is there for my parents. I am planning for my future now.

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    I have been following GAO Walker since this past summer. Can anyone answer the name of the chart Beck used? It was called something like Menu For Disaster where it gave out the stats on how much in taxes we needed to raise to cut our trillions in debt? He showed it before he interviewed Walker.

    I basically want those stats on hand if anyone has them.

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    beck tells it like it is

    we are in trouble

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