i need a good idea for a fictional sword?

i need an idea of a good, inovative, and unique sword meant to be used by a demon


can you describe it

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    Okay I've come up with an idea and I've actually thought about it a lot...

    The sword looks like this:


    When the opponent is stabbed his/her soul is immediately stolen from their body and sealed inside the sword, giving the wielder of the sword extra power while leaving the opponents body a lifeless shell. The sword's ability is only activated when held in the hands of the demon who owns it, however, if it's wielded by someone who's anger and hatred equals or surpasses the demon's own, the sword's soul-sealing abilities will come into play.

    Now whether or not you want this demon to be defeated you can have the cliched 'someone destroys the sword' and then all the captured souls are released. Or... the souls, once sealed can never be released (or freed) except by the demon itself.

    I dunno it's just an idea that popped into my head...

    Oh and the image I found on the net, anyways hope my imaginative abilities were of help. Oh if you're looking for names 'zetsumei' is Japanese for 'end of life'

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    a million. If the fan base is authorized to intercede then Edward, otherwise Eragon. C'mon, Eragon has a dragon. I wager vamps are good tasty to dragons. 2. difficult call. reliable factor Aslan isn't a snake because of the fact Harry would desire to purely allure him with possil(sp?) tounge. Aslan could win yet Harry could positioned up a reliable combat. 3. This one can be a tie. Lord Voldemort would desire to take ownership of Lord Vader and jointly they could develop into the main evil being in the universe. 4. because of the fact of this I replied this positioned up. I even have visions of a cage experience ala MTV's claymation prepare "celeb DeathMatch" (every person undergo in ideas the scifi specific? XFiles vs. adult men in Black? Celine Dion is somewhat an alien?) Any way, i'd desire to be sure the Sharks & Jets dancing with regard to the cage arising a distraction. i quite think of they had final a mutually as because of the fact no person can view them as a danger, then the winner could dispatch with them. Creepy magical vampires FTW and the dancing highway gang will become the victory snack.

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    As angels are often described as using a "flaming sword" - perhaps demos would use something opposite of that. What that might be exactly, I don't know. Perhaps a sword that freezes and cuts. Or a liquid metal sword (hey, if they can have light-sabers, they can have liquid metal swords).

  • 1 decade ago

    Fallen Angel

    wings would wrap your hand while demonic horns would be used as the guard maybe cant really describe what I'm thinking but its something like this hope this name hasn't been used before i came up with this name but this web site kinda inspired me


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  • 1 decade ago

    The Penetrator.

    I'd steer clear of something with that name.

  • 1 decade ago

    just a name then? how about gekido? its japanese for rage/fury

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