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Is the World Zionist Congress a religious organization?

If not,then what purpose does it serve since it's main goal was accomplished in 1948-51?

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    No. It's original goal was to promote zionism; now it's goal is to defend it. It's a very aggressive and irresponsible organization and ran many fake scandals and hate campaigns during the period it was led by Edgar Bronfman,Jr. It has national chapters in all major countries. Primarily it attacks various countries (Austria - Waldheim was supposedly involved with the holocaust; Switzerland - supposedly their banks ripped off jewish holocaust victim's accounts,etc.) using high-powerd P.R. firms,whips up a huge international media furor then accepts a big cash payment to lay off the publicity. Strange they haven't changed the name since jews now consider zionist a slur.

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    The Jewish people are spread throughout the world. The World Zionist Congress gives us all the ability to work together for the good of the Jewish people, even if we do not live in Israel. It is not a religious organization; it is a political one.

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    establishing israel as a country was only one goal, a main one of course. to have bigger peice of land, is the next thing. to build the temple (i.e. demolish the aqsa moque, is the next thing).

    zionism goals are beyond the foundation of israel. it goes into having more and more control, .............. , over many powers on the world

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    It mostly supports Israel and Jews around the world. I'd classify it as a ethno-religious orgonization, helping Jews (whether they are a ethnic group or religious group is another question).

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