Is Shane Mosley a Hall of Famer? Why or why not? State your case.?

The more I look at his record I say no.

His career record is 44-5. The only one of his 5 career losses that doesn't look bad is his loss to Cotto. Cotto is much younger and Mosley was winning the early part of the fight before he faded a bit down the stretch.

Mosley's 2 losses to Vernon Forrest really hurt him. Forrest was KO'd by Ricardo Mayorga and then lost a decision to Mayoraga in the remtach, and we all know Mayorga can't box. After Forrest's 2 year lay off the only decent fighter he has beaten was an old Ike Quartey.

Mosley lost twice to Winky Wright. Wright may or may not get into the Hall of Fame because it took him so long to get big time fights after being robbed against Vargas.


Mosley's career career defining wins over De La Hoya doesn't look that great anymore and you can even make a case that De La Hoya won the rematch. After losing to Mosley De La hoya was outboxed by Felix Sturm but given the decision anyway, De Le Hoya was KOd bu Hopkins, Golden Boy KOd a shot Mayorga and dropped a decision to PBF. Mosley's win over DLH no longer look as good as they once did.

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    Actually I think he deserves the hall of fame for the extension of his career after his big losses to Forrest. Styles make fights and Forrest knew Mosely from the ametuers and was just one fighter that had his number. Only losing to three different fighters is impressive to me and he was never knocked out. Every match went the distance it wasn't like he was dominated and knocked out by them. Winky Wright was avoided by everyone but Shane never hesitated. Even though he lost he didn't back down from the challenge though light middleweight was not his best weightclass nor did he disappoint with his match with Cotto.

    During the beginning of his career he had one of the best knock out percentages of anyone and he has beaten the solid fighters like David Estrada and Jesse James Leija as well as the big names like Oscar De La Hoya and Fernando Vargas which he beat twice. He has never been afraid to take on anyone which shows as he has taken on undefeated fighters so late in his career. Most people wrote him off after losing to Forrest the second time but even after that he beat undefeated Jose Luis Cruz and beat Luis Collazo who only had 2 losses one of which was a very close decision to Ricky Hatton. It is not so bad that he lost because he put up a good fight and he stayed competitive. A lot of names that he had beaten may not have been the most well known but since beating undefeated Philip Holiday for the IBF lightweight title in 1997 I haven't seen him fight anyone without an impressive record.

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    No Shane Mosley doesn't get it in if Im the Judge, he is a very talented fighter, but if I had to pick some welterweights in the Hall of Fame, I would put Winky, Floyd and De La Hoya, and not in that order.

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    I think he is right on the bubble and I think that the big reason he wont get in is his hype. So much of boxing is tied to your ability to hype your matches and your self. I think with out him creating a brand the way De La hoya or even Trinidad(though an off beat brand in trinidads case) I think without that to push him in he wont get there but he is a talented fighterq

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    Strictly from his run as a lightweight should have been good enough to put him in. Can't recall if he was undisputed, but he was undefeated with a ludicrous KO percentage. He fought the rest of his career above his best weight, and did so very well. His post lightweight career was the cherry on top.

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    mosely should have never moved up in weight.... he was so damn fast at 135-140..... why why why.... for the all mighty dollar... these guys dont care about their legacy... they just want paid..... Hopkins told Don King to F' off... made nothing for his fights but didnt have to give that Bastard any of his hard earned money.... and his time came when Trinidad wanted to "push the envelope" on his natural weight... and now who is still getting paid, and keeping all of the money he has earned and still fighting B-Hop... Congrats to B-Hop .. i hope he runs for Pres... because he has the patience to wait for a good thing... Sorry got off track... Mosely should have stayed in the weightclass he belongs in, and he would probably still be undefeated... i don't know if we should hold it against him for "testing himself" or just wanting paid...

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    He also lost second match vs Oscar and admitted using enhanced steroids for that fight.

    No, Hall of Shame maybe!

    A clean Shane Yes! but tainted with illegal use of liquids no way Jose

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