where can I find the record snowfall in california?


google DOES NOT have it

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    Potential Record Snowfall in California...

    01.03.08, 5:45 PM ET

    The Weather Channel: -0- *T WHAT: A very active and possibly record-breaking weather pattern will unfold across the western states over the next few days, as a series of Pacific storms plus plenty of moisture slams ashore. This will bring heavy rain and possible flooding, damaging winds, and deep snow with blizzard conditions over a large part of the West. Heavy rain is increasing over western Washington, western Oregon and the northern two-thirds of California. By later Friday into Saturday, heavy rain will also impact southern California and possibly parts of the Desert Southwest. Flash flooding will be possible, over far western Washington, western Oregon, and a good part of California, especially in burn areas. Blizzard warnings have been posted by the National Weather Service through early Saturday for the Siskiyou and Sierra Nevada in California. Snow totals through the weekend are expected to be potentially historic, especially in California with as much as 2 to 6 feet expected, possibly more on the highest peaks. Several feet of snow will fall in the Cascades and inland across the mountains of Utah, Colorado, northern Arizona and northern New Mexico. Wind gusts of 75 to 85 mph will be common across the southern Cascades, Sierra and western Nevada into the weekend. Winds over 65 mph will also be possible for much of California as well as parts of Washington and Oregon and the Western interior from Wyoming through Nevada. WHO: Meteorologists at The Weather Channel, the nation's premier source of weather information, can offer expert analysis and commentary. Reporting live and on-location will be Stephanie Abrams, co-host of "Abrams & Bettes - Beyond the Forecast" and Correspondent Julie Martin providing live coverage from Lake Tahoe and Truckee, CA starting tonight at 8 p.m. The Weather Channel Web site, weather.com, is featuring: - Information on how to prepare for and survive hurricanes - 24-hour updates from the all-weather News Center. HOW: To book an interview or schedule a telephone call, please contact: Dana Mark, 404-214-0722 extension 113 Connie Malko, 770-226-2180 *T


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    The Weather Channel, a 24-hour weather network, reaches more than 96 million U.S. households. Its Web site, weather.com, reaches more than 35 million unique users per month. The Weather Channel Companies is owned by Landmark Communications, Inc., a Norfolk, VA-based, privately held media company.

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    Earth has been around so long we don't even know what is record or not record. For sure in the past 100 years that hasn't been that much change at all- its just WEATHER PATTERNS- Global Warming is just a Political Stunt for World Profits and World Control. The New World Order dreamers made up Global Warming to get more support from people who seek robotic behavior for their life.

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    google is a great website

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    google it

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    go one line...and check out weather, ca and snow fall amt.

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