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Big Ten and SEC fans.....Who is better?

All the crazed Big Ten fans were on here yesterday stating that there was no truth to the SEC being better than the Big Ten. Well I hate to say one game decided the outcome (and it didn't, because SEC dominates year in and year out). There is no argument on the Big Ten side. The SEC is ALWAYS the best conference in the nation. If the SEC didnt have to play each other they would have 5 teams in the TOP 10 every year. It is absolutely rediculous for Big Ten fans to believe that their conference can even compare to the SEC. SEC now has 4 of the 10 BCS Nat'l Championships and the last 2 in a row. Also, look at the polls-In 1 poll the SEC is #1 and #2. In the other poll the SEC is #1 and #3. Big Ten fans will talk about them beating some SEC teams over the years, but Michigan beating Vanderbilt two years in a row doesn't qualify as quality wins. This year was LSU over OSU (chokes), Tenn over Wisc., and Michigan over Florida. Florida was a 10 pt favorite. This game was a fluke.


EDIT - When I said a fluke I was talking about the Florida/ Michigan game.

Update 2:

Dannbunn - You left out one game this year with SEC vs. Big Ten. Tennessee over Wisconsin.

Update 3:

Eric o - we are talking about football not academics. Go to the nerd section of answers. Let the athletes loose? The SEC lets em loose every year. NEXT YEAR, NEXT SCHMERE. Excuses.

Update 4:

BIG D - finally an honest human being.

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    SEC Rules!

    Why, 7-2 in bowl games this year, back to back national titles, every game is watchable while the big ten isn't at all, no team in the SEC lost to a Division 1AA team while over ranked at #5

    Until this year, michigan was 0-3 in bowls and 0-4 against OSU the last 4 years, OSU is 0-9 against SEC teams in bowls, if it wasn't for a bogus pass interference call OSU would not have won the title in 2002 - those are your only two teams that are consistently considered top level

    Top Level teams in the Big Ten

    OSU & Michigan

    Mid level teams in the Big Ten

    Penn St., Wisconsin

    Lower Level teams in the big ten

    every body else

    Top Level teams in the SEC

    LSU, Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia,

    Mid Level teams in the SEC

    Alabama, Arkansas, SC, Kentucky, Miss St.

    Lower Level teams in the SEC

    Vandy, Ole Miss

    Enough said for all of you big ten crybabies

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    Well I say the SEC is the better conference because we have more teams that are really good, not great, but really good and the big ten only has 2 teams that really stand out (Ohio and Michigan) whereas in the SEC pretty much every team can cause a problem (LSU, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Auburn, Ole Miss, Alabama, Arkansas, Miss State, Vandy), it's so exciting because it's always a great game no matter who you play, they have the opportunity to beat your team.

    If the Big 10 had more quality teams, it wouldn't have sent Ohio State to the championship game 2 years in a row. And Ohio may have been able to pull off a win in one of those games, if they had better competition in their conference. You're only as good as the teams you play and they didn't play anyone except for Illi and Michigan, at least not anyone who was any good at all.

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    lol it's the SEC. How many times do they have to prove that in a NC game before Big 10 fans will believe it?! Last night wasn't a fluke! A better team just beat a sorry team in which the better team was from the Powerhouse of the SEC. SEC FTW!

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    Florida Mich was not a fluke. Michigan was finally healthy and their recievers totally out-matched Florida's DBs. Michigan should of lost! They had 4 turnorvers and still won the game! No fluke. The Big Ten will be different next year. It is time to let the athlete's loose and not play so conservative. I would rather have a degree from one of the Big Ten schools than the SEC.

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    Personally I find it funny that a lot of Big Ten fans call the Big East weak. Let's conference has a winning record in bowl games and the other has a losing record in bowl games this year. Makes you wonder what type of "quality education" the Big Ten Commissioner was talking about after last year's National Title game to basically dismiss Florida's win last year over OSU.

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    The Big 10 is a great conference and so is the SEC. Teams from both conferences won head-to-head this year, i.e. Michigan vs. Florida and LSU vs OSU.... Iowa has beat Florida and LSU and on the same hand, Iowa has lost to Florida. These are examples and don't buy into one conference being better than the other- it is all about match-ups and coaching!

    Great Question, but I smelled a bias in the question!

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    it goes in cycles, there was a time when the big 10 was the best in the nation & a time when the acc was the best, & now the sec is the best. im not a hater, i actually think its pretty damn impressive that all those good teams are in one conference & they all have to play eachother.

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    Coming from a die hard Buckeye and Big Ten fan, the SEC. Big ten is young though, so in 2 or 3 years who knows?

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    SEC is totally dominate. SEC fans know to worry most when their team has to play another SEC team. I don't care what people want to say, just simply look at the stats and there should be no doubt.

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    OK we all know the SEC is better then the Big 10 and the Big 12 is better then the SEC

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