Motorcycle License?

Since you have to be 18 in order to get a motorcycle license, or you need to have a basic car license, can you get a motorcycle license if you has a driver's license, but you are only 17? Thanks.

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    what state are you in? Each state has different laws. No matter what I recommend taking a motorcycle safety course.

    I can tell you that is Cali. you must be at least 15 1/2 to start both the motorcycle and drivers license process. In order to take the MSF course you have to have 1 of the following

    -a drivers license

    -a permit

    -a drivers education endorsement

    If you are 20yrs and under you are state mandated to take the course. By taking the course it bypasses the DMV Skills test, but you still have to take the permit test.

    Source(s): Work for an MSF facility
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    Each state has it's different laws. In CA or Indiana a 16 year old with a valid driver's license can also get a motorcycle license as long as the parent signs stating that it is OK with them. Once you turn 18 you don't have to have the parental consent any longer. I think that's pretty normal procedure in most if not all states in the union.

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    in California any one between the age of 16 and 18 must go thru a motorcycle safety course in order to get a M/1 endorsement on there drivers license if you have already got a class C license and taken the written test within a yr you will only have to take a written test for motorcycles if it has been more then a yr you will have to take both the general test as well as the motorcycle test this will give you your riding permit after successfully completing the MSC you get a certificate of completion you take the certificate to DMV and you will then have your M/1 endorsement

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    it depends upon your state but it's not something that i would recommend. at 17, a driver is still new and learning, adding in the additional skills and mindset of a motorcyclist may be a bit more than that driver is prepared for and that places them in significant danger. A slight fender bender in a car can be fatal to a motorcyclist.

    My advice: don't rush, motorcycles will be there for a while. Get comfortable in driving a car and reading the traffic flow and other drivers. Once you get the hang of that, then take a look at a motorcycle.

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  • 4 years ago

    I would honestly recommend getting your license before you actually get a bike. Your insurance rates will be lower once you finally do get a bike than if you had just gotten your license the day before. In addition this will allow you to test ride different bikes once you are actually ready to buy one. About storing your bike in an apt, I actually had an apartment that offered storage space in the basement which I stored my motorcycle in for a while. It worked, but was extremely difficult to get back out.

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    Depends which state your in. For where I'm from you can be 14 and have a motorcycle licenses, but it can only be a 250cc bike though, until you turn 16 you are allowed to drive anything over 250cc.

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    In the UK you can ride a 50cc at 16 and a 125cc at 17 and take the motorcycle and ride restricted bikes for two years.

    You can take your motorcycle test before or after your car test.

    Have fun and ride safe.

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    You have to have the "DRIVERS" (not car license...drivers license!) license first, then you get a "Motorcycle Endorsement" on your DRIVERS license to ride the motorcycle..

    the motorcycle "license" not an actual "license"...its just an added extra on top of your drivers license.

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    you have to take a class for you motorcycle license.

    i believe they teach you about driving the bike and everything.

    but i do know they say if you can't ride a two wheel bicycle. then don't worry about taking the class at all.

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    Take my advice sign up for the MSF class online using the Internet.

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