Who will be a free agent in the NFL?

Im a fan of the Eagles, and since they missed the playoffs, free agency and the draft is all I have to look forward to. Anybody know what Receivers, Tight Ends, Linemen(offensive & defensive) or Safties will be available?

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    Derek Anderson

    Rex Grossman

    Daunte Culpepper

    Josh McCown

    Quinn Gray


    Michael Turner

    Marion Barber III

    Jamal Lewis

    Julius Jones

    Justin Fargas

    Wide Receivers:

    Randy Moss

    Bernard Berrian

    Patrick Crayton

    Justin Gage

    L.J. Smith (TE)

    Eric Johnson (TE)

    Offensive Linemen:

    Ruben Brown

    Alan Faneca

    Flozell Adams

    Max Starks

    Defensive Linemen:

    Jared Allen

    Albert Haynesworth

    Terrell Suggs

    Mike Rucker


    Asante Samuel

    Mike Doss

    Dominique Foxworth

    Randall Gay

    Marcus Trufant

    For a complete list of free agents, and some stats and history about their careers, go to the site listed below.

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    Go to Footballisfuture.com

    Here is a list of the few big names that should end up on a new team

    QB- Culpepper, Grossman

    RB-Michael Turner

    WR-Bernard Berrian

    DL- Jared Allen

    LB-Lance Briggs

    DB-Asante Samuel

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    go to this weebsite andyou can look at everything free agents nfl rumours and even mock drafts

    Source(s): www.footballsfutre.com
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