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Was ron paul any good on Jay leno's tonight show ?

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    Smashing! Jay Leno called him a major candidate! Jay Leno! where Fred Thompson launched his presidential campaign and it wasn't Fred the one invited back.. it was Ron Paul.

    I'm sure there are clips on youtube - it's worth watching. Intelligent, entertaining and extremely insightful. Ron Paul is not afraid of questions. He welcomes them. Now I can see why his early supporters were telling everybody that the establishment doesn't want him on the air. Because he speaks! tells the people the truth.

    Go Ron Paul!

  • Holly
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    4 years ago

    Paul is getting more than 2% in polls, he's taken first in a good deal of the straw polls. There are some serious supporters of Ron Paul out there and the media is just now beginning to recognize this

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    He was his usual self. Consistent to the end. He even has a great sense of humor. Jay totally endorsed him and humiliated the political machinery that has been so unfair to Ron Paul.

    Smashmouth - Poor sweetie. When the pack leaves you behind you'll be lost. If there's one thing even the opposition will agree is that Ron Paul has always and foremost been true to the Constitution. An original concept that now all the other monkeys are trying to pay lip service to... but unfortunately don't know a thing about! They can't catch up to Ron Paul's knowledge even with an intensive crash course!Remember, don't be left behind.

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    He actually made me get goosebumps at one point. I think it is so refreshing that there is a candidate out there who will tell the American people what is really going on! My favorite part of the interview with Leno was when Jay asked Ron Paul about Rudy's take on why we were attacked on 9-11. Ron Paul told Jay that he had sent Rudy some books to read about the subject to he could educate himself, and Rudy never replied! Go Ron Paul!

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    He was amazing. A true gentleman who sticks to his views and stands up for his beliefs. I was truly proud of Jay Leno for going against the media's current of "Ron Paul is crazy and doesn't have a chance" talk and actually giving Paul the pat on the back he deserves.

    One of the best Ron Paul interviews I have ever seen.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes....He was and Jay was very supportive!

    His "devineshadow" cracks me up....he says we do not have a life but he follows us around and post nothing but negative posts on every Ron Paul question! Hmmmm....who needs to get a life?

  • Anonymous
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    Not really no

    I love Ron Paul, I love his message, but when compared to a lively bunch like the Tonight Show it really flounders.

    What it needs are better handlers who can show him how to make jokes and seem more at ease at these events.

    Still, was great to see him getting his message out there.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, and the audience seemed to love him. I wish him luck.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    He's the only one who is consistent and tells the truth.

    We need him in our white house.....before it is too late. He knows the "hidden" stuff.

    Please do some research.

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    He was astoundingly awesome! It's on Youtube if you want to watch it for yourself.

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