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Is Peanut Butter bad for dogs?

im just peanut butter bad for dogs?


i'll be honest the reason i asked is b/c i gave my dog 1 piece of crust from my peanut butter sandwich and then i thought to myself...what if he gets sick b/c i done that?

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    Any human food in mass quantities isn't a good thing, but small amounts of peanut butter here and there are just fine--most dogs love it.

    Edit: Don't worry! It's just a small amount, your dog should be fine.

    Editx2: "Helper", you are certainly NOT helping, it is NOT toxic.

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    There are all types of peanut butter flavored treats for dogs, including peanut butter filled bones. Also, when we give our dog her medicine twice daily, we give it to her by sticking it on a dog biscuit with peanut butter. She's taken it that way for about 3 years with no ill effects.

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    Well, Dogs are scavengers just like they can eat pretty much anything we give them...including cardboard, glue, and dead mice off the ground. I mean, my father had dogs on his farm and they ate ten day old dead chickens and lived to be a healthy 18 years. But, if you want a healthy happy dog, you should treat them as if they were a human. Humans can eat large quantities of peanut butter, but it isn't necessarily good for them. It can cause stomach problems and ultimately lead to a shorter life. So, use common sense and make it a treat once in a while. I, for example, give my dog peanut butter to distract him when I'm trimming his nails or grooming his fur. He loves the taste and keeps smacking his lips long after the peanut butter is gone. It gives me time to get work done.

    Everything in moderation is fine. Just avoid chocolate and things with too much dogs react to chocolate a lot differently than we do. And, of course, sugar is something dogs and humans can indeed tolerate, but should not have a large abundance of it. Also, I would suggest feeding your dog vegetables as often as possible...they aren't purely carnivores. Some fruits are good as well, but like humans, you must limit the sugar intake.

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    You're right that the salt, sugar, and other additives in most peanut butters isn't very good for dogs (people either). I use natural, unsalted peanut butter (e.g. just ground peanuts). My dog loves it stuffed into her Kong.

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    Dogs love peanut butter and it won't hurt them. My vet recommends low fat creamy peanut butter. I mix a little with some plain Cheerios and put it in my dog's Kong toy. She has so much fun with it.

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    Peanut butter is okay, as long as they don't have a bunch of it (that's the way with any human food). Most dogs love it. I use it to give mine medicine (coat the pill in peanut butter and the dog has no clue they're getting medicine).

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    Small amounts of peanut butter is fine, most dogs love it. Like any other human food you want to make sure to give it to them in moderation. You may also want to see how the dog reacts to it. If you notice that it made the dog's BMs loose or runny you may want to refrain from feeding it to them.

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    Im sure that just like people,

    some dogs are allergic to it.

    But Ive heard that a little

    bit is good for them.

    They even have dog toys that

    you fill up with peanut butter

    and the dog chews it.


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    No peanut butter is fine for dogs, they love it. It's actually good to stuff inside of washable toys so the dog stays entertained in trying to lick it out.

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