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ESPN's Top 10 Best Chins in Boxing History?

ESPN listed their top 10 chins in Boxing History as:

1. Marvin Hagler

2. Harry Greb

3.Rocky Marciano

4. George Chuvalo

5. Carlos Monzon

6. Kid Gavilan

7. Jake La Motta

8. Carmen Basilio

9. Gene Fullmer

10. Tommy Farr

This list is way off by my account. I mean there are fighters who I would put on that list that should most definitely be on there. Here is my List in no order:

1. Marvin Hagler

2. Muhammad Ali

3. Sugar Ray Robinson

4. Henry Armstrong

5. Evander Holyfield

6. Rocky Marciano

7. Jake La Motta

8. Nassem Hamed - Yes he was never KO'd

9. Salvador Sanchez

10. Azumah Nelson - KO'd only once I think it was by cuts

Other should be mentioned - George Foreman, Pernell Whitaker, Bernard Hopkins, and Eder Jofre. Any others??

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    Good question and I actually think that ESPN has a pretty fair list when you look at the records of how many punches some of these guys had to endure without being flooered particularly for the 10 count. There is always going to an argument regarding this as far as people being left off the list.

    Muhammad Ali took on great punchers without a doubt but his great boxing ability also had a great deal to do with his ability to survive as he was no punching bag along with slick boxing defensive fighters like Pernell Whitaker and Eder Jofre. You have an impressive list Devon and I certainly have a lot of respect for your boxing knowledge. Here are my top 10:

    1. George Chuvalo. In nearly 100 fights, he was never floored though he was hit a lot fighting Ali twice, Frazier, Foreman, and Patterson among others.

    2. Marvin Hagler. A great champion with a lot of skill. In 65 fights suffered 1 knockdown against Juan Roldan (highly disputed to say the least) and took the best shots that Hearns and Mugabi could hit him with.

    3. Harry Greb. Fought everybody and beat most of them. In a career than spanned nearly 300 fights, he lost by knockout only once and was as tough as they come.

    4. Rocky Marciano. The man had more endurance and toughness than anyone and could no doubt take a good shot. Knocked down for quick counts twice in his career, coming back for knockout wins.

    5. Carlos Monzon. Like Hagler, was a great champion known as a boxer/puncher with an iron chin. Endured tough shots from Bennie Briscoe, Rodrigo Valdez, and Nino Benvenuti.

    6. Randall "Tex" Cobb. Took the best shots from Earnie Shavers and others during his career and his iron jaw is well documented. He took so many shots from champ Larry Holmes, that it made Howard Cosell want to quit.

    7. Jake LaMotta. For many fights, nobody could knock the tough LaMotta off his feet. Took everything the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson could hit him with without going down.

    8. Tommy Farr. The Welsh fighter had a long career fighting the best particularly Joe Louis. Well known for his toughness and ability to take the best punches.

    9. Salvador Sanchez. Another great champ who was taken from us much too soon. He took the best that Azumah Nelson, Danny "Little Red" Lopez, and Wilfrdo Gomez could hit him with and came roaring back to win.

    10. Kid Gavilan. The Cuban Hawk was a great fighter and absoulutely nearly impossible to hurt. He fought the very best and took the best they could throw at him without going down.

    Honorable mention:

    Muhammad Ali

    Azumah Nelson

    Sugar Ray Robinson

    James J. Braddock

    Bernard Hopkins

    Gene Fullmer

    Cesar Chavez

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    In no particular order: Marvin Hagler Joe Grim - shockingly underrated chin Sugar Ray Robinson George Chuvalo Harry Greb Muhammad Ali George Foreman Evander Holyfield Julio Cesar Chavez Jake LaMotta

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    I don't understand ESPN's omission of Ali. Ali fought 4 guys that ESPN's top ten hardest hitters. #2 Liston #4 Foreman #6 Shavers #8 Frazier. He only was knocked down once in all those fights, that was against Frazier in the 15th round and he was up at the count of 3. That's pretty amazing.

    I'd also have to put Randall "Tex" Cobb up there. When he was asked if he'd fight Larry Homes in a rematch, Tex answered "I don't think his(Holmes's) knuckles can take it!"

    Ali was clowning when he got tagged by Cooper, During Ali's peak years 1965 - 1976 he got knocked down once by Frazier but "queer" street?? Up at the count of 3! Watch the tape! Like I said during those years he fought 4 of the all time hardest hitters for 70 rounds. Got knocked down once at the end of a 15 rd fight!!

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    I am not a true boxing historian, so I am going to list a few active fighters that I would consider to have great chins.

    James Toney

    Oscar De La Hoya

    Winky Wright

    Ike Quartey

    Kelly Pavlik

    One notable chin that has not been mentioned in Tex Cobb.

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    I would go with theirs more than yours, it is pretty hard to have Naseem Hamed on a list for great chins, he spent more time on the floor than Tito Trinidad in his various fights both fighters used to get up and win but the fact is from being put on your backside on numerous occasions doesnt show a great chin it might show great heart but not a great chin. I cant really knock the people on the list from ESPN apart from the fact that i might switch a few around, i might have Chuvalo ahead of Greb and Marciano just because he never visited the floor,

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    I agree with Marvin Hagler he was only ever kncoked down once but Naz shouldn't be on the list he never really fought anyone of major stature untill his last few fights.

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    Ali and Holyfield have to be on the list. Couldn't agree more with Hagler at the top. I guess Duran's loss to Hearn's kept him from the top. Should Chavez be considered?

    What about Tex Cobb for the list?

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    Best chin was Marciano, Ive never seen him hurt or dazed. he was knocked down twice but thats different than being hurt, he got up immediately both times. Its rare for a fighter to go through a career without being on queer st.

    Ali was on queer st against frazier and cooper.

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    Basically, you listed good fighters, but the statement is fighters with good chins. I think the ESPN list is valid. Some of your fighters didn't necessarily have the kind of chins the ESPN list have, although, as I said, you listed good fighters, not necessarily the best chins.

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    Azumah Nelson and Kassim Ouma and Lovemore N'dou

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