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Hi (thanks for any genuine help you can give!)

I am proceeding to write to a prisoner in the Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas - I've read the lostvault website (the organization offering up the service of the inmate ads) and also the prison organization of Texas website (even more confusing!) and all over the lostvault website it cautions you to be aware of the rules of the prison you are corresponding with (they offer inmates across the usa & world to write to) so they cannot post them all for the different facilities - so is anyone familiar with te rules for the Polunsky Unit in Livingston Texas - especially for written correspondence! Any genuine info would be great as I've tried to look this up and none of the website are really helpful - either very confusing or doesn't really give any info on correspondence rules & regulations, etc



Thanks for the info Juicy - all pretty much what I gained from the websites I did find - so thanks for that - also the guy that I will be writing is on death row - so no release date & no roomate (maximum) - so both of those were unfounded in this situation - plus he is in texas - myself am in europe - so all iln all i feel the situation is secure (plus adding this for others who can skip that side of the question that i didn't ask - and maybe jst focus on what i did ask - or get someone who's actually done similar to reply)


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    These are some of the rules that are common to all prisons in the United States: First, don't say any pornographic photos. Second, don't send any drugs. Third, don't send any money. Those are all of the rules that I know of.

    If you just send a letter it should be okay. If you violate the rules the prison will send your correspondence back and let you know what you did wrong.

    One of the guys that I went to high school with actually lived in this unit. I frequently read his writings that were posted on the Internet. Unfortunately his appeals ran out.

    I wish you the best of luck. I'm glad you are taking the time to make the life of an inmate better. I can't even begin to tell you how much guys in prison love getting mail. It's your connection to the outside world. They made some mistakes but they're not all bad guys.

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    Generally, the rules are more about sending other items along with the letters, not so much about the letters themselves. Basically, the prison doesn't want you to include anything in the envelope that might cause a problem, such as a pen that can get turned into a shiv.

    Safest course, don't send anything at all except for the letter itself.

    Aside from that, some prisons have rules about content. It may be against prison regulations to send inmates anything "adult-oriented", so keep it clean.

    It's not normally a rule, but it is just common sense to not give away any personal information. Keep in mind, these guys are, by definition, criminals. Maybe nothign bad would happen if they know where you live, but maybe it would. And even if the guy you are writing to is decent, is his cellmate who steals the letters while your guy is in the shower?

  • Contact them and they will either send you the rules or direct you to their website to view the rules.

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