What is the difference between an antenna,aerial and a dish?

by dish I mean satellite or any other communication dish

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    Antenna, Aeriel, and Dish are in essence the same thing.

    They receive and/or transmit RF (radio frequency) signals.

    The terms antenna and aeriel are essentially interchangeable.

    However, a "dish" is just a specific type of antenna design.

    A dish is synonymous with "parabolic reflector" antenna.

    Parabolic reflectors, or dish, focus the radio signals into a narrow beam to provide additional effective signal gain.

    Dish antennae are only practical to build for extremely high frequencies, otherwise they would just be too big to be practical at low frequencies.

    There are many different types of antenna designs.

    Using different names for antennae refer to the design characteristics of that particular antenna design.

    Some common familiar antenna design terms are:

    Vertical (monopole), Long Wire, Dipole, Yagi, Log Periodic (logarithmic), Helical, Parabolic Reflector (dish), Horn, etc....

    In the end, they all do the same thing; just differently for different purposes or reasons....

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    I think to list the differences would take far more then a paragraph to explain so I will try to nutshell this as best as I can. Technically an aerial and an antenna are one in the same, how you define an antenna may be referred to the bunny ear cheapies you often see on the TV in your dads garage which is a poor version of a omnidirectional antenna. Aerial is often a term given to mono or bi-direction roof or pole mounted antennas, these perform the best but sometime require rotation to recieve a good signal (often aided electronically with a geared motor) a sattilite is a totally different animal, sattilite works on the premise of low amplitude radio waves trasnmitted from a sattilite source the parabolic (half sphere) dish concentrates these signals to what is called an LNB which is effectively a signal collector and is processed at a reciever box (because the signal is digital) the format used for modern sattilite is Mpeg-2 (the very same video format used for DVDs)

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    3 years ago

    Aerial Vs Antenna

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  • 4 years ago

    Funny you should ask. I met a dish at the Plate Tectonics Seminar last year. Because of her, I missed most of the conference. Trust me, there is a huge difference between a plate and a dish.

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  • 4 years ago

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    A dish can pick up satellite signals A plate, sadly cannot, but makes a great frisbee sometimes!

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