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本論文提出以頻譜、頻瀑分析為主並且應用蔡文教授所提出之可拓工程方法,藉由可拓理論中之「距」與「位值」的觀念訂定出各故障因素的關聯函數,並求取各因子的權重,再由可拓理論中的優度評價法計算各故障參數,藉此求出馬達故障最佳的故障類別。本文根據A電機公司提供近五年來,馬達故障時所發生檢修資料來建立馬達故障類型與頻譜及頻瀑特徵之關係,並且作為可拓理論之學習的依據 利用可拓工程方法進行故障分析,建立一個完成分析模式,即使改變一些參數值及權重,本文也可以快速地求出馬達故障特徵。



請翻譯成英文, 謝謝~~

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    The present paper proposes by the frequency spectrum, the frequency

    waterfall analysis primarily and applies Professor Cai Wen to propose

    may develop the project method, the affiliation by may develop in the

    theory it "the distance" and "the position value" the idea subscribes

    decides on various breakdowns factor the connection function, and asks

    to take various factors the weight, again by may develop in the theory

    the superior appraisal law to calculate various breakdowns parameter,

    takes advantage of this extracts the motor breakdown best breakdown


    本文根據A電機公司提供近五年來,馬達故障時所發生檢修資料來建立馬達故障類型與頻譜及頻瀑特徵之關係,並且作為可拓理論之學習的依據 利用可拓工程方法進行故障分析,建立一個完成分析模式,即使改變一些參數值及權重,本文也可以快速地求出馬達故障特徵。

    This article according to the A electrical machinery company to

    provide in the recent five years, when motor breakdown has the

    overhaul material to establish the motor breakdown type and the

    frequency spectrum and relations the frequency waterfall

    characteristic, and the achievement may develop study the theory basis

    use to be possible to develop the project method to carry on the fault

    analysis, establishes to complete the analysis pattern, even if

    changes some parameter values and the weight, this article also may

    fast extract the motor breakdown characteristic.


    Essential character: May develop the theory, the spectral analysis,

    the frequency waterfall analysis.

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    可拓理論英文"Extenics Theory",而不是叫"可能發展的理論" ,還有關聯函數叫"Relation Function",也不是"連接函數",有些名詞不是亂翻的.....

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