Where do I buy or build a high gain digital antenna? I want to put it a 30 meter mast for "?

I want to put it a 30 meter mast for "Direct digital" by current analog "over the air stations

When "blackouts showed up int the "early 80's, monsterous "COWBOY ANTENNAS' sprouted up all over Northern Texas, LA, and S.OK .

BTW, I live in unincorporated land about 30 mi. West of Houston and get perfect signals on about 20 of more than 50 currently being proadcast.

I have 4 HD ready TV's ($5000m 2x $215, 1 free with a new $1200 PC,). It's a "tower pc", but you can tet a PCMCIA card for an oldr laptop.

The "direct digital sighal will replace all conventiona signals in 2009. The quality of the firect signal is at least 1000% ir nirore than you can get over cable or satelite.IDVD have at least 4 old reflectors (parabolic or pan fromcable, or "pie pan"

So, remeber the nnxt TVuou buy must have an AFTC tuner.

All I should for a homeade, is an LNA.

Cheers, Joe

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