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1-when u say "merci" how do u say "ur welcome"? "kheili mamnoon" is that it? 2-what does "khosh Bashi" mean? 3-what does "man ...show more
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1. it's right
2. be happy or have fun
3. I'm glad
4. ur menial
5. i don't underestand you really
6. mikham root feshar beyaram, ya fesharet bedam
7. mohkam neshkoonet begiram
8. rahate
9. moshkelet chiye
10. mano nemifahmi or darkam nemikoni

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  • ՎԱՀԷ answered 6 years ago
    1. merci = merci, mamnoon, kheili mamnoon, motshakeram
    ur welcome = khahesh mikonam, ghabeli nadare
    2. khosh bashi = be happy
    3. it means I'm glad, happy [to see, meet you]
    4. "chakeram" is kinda compliment, it kinda mean thanks a lot when used. but it exactly mean I am (ur) menial!! but it means same as thanks a lot when used. its kinda slang
    5. i didn't get what exactly you mean!
    6. mikham dar aghooshet begiram ; mikham baghalet konam
    7. mikham nishgoonet begiram
    8. asoone, rahate
    9. chete ?
    10. mano nemifahmi, mano dark nemikoni
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  • SayedEdris answered 5 months ago
    Looking forward to doing business with you
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  • Mary B Where are we going? answered 6 years ago
    1-You're welcome= khahesh mikonam
    Instead of merci you can say: mamnoon

    2-khosh bashi= have fun
    3-man khoshvaghtam= how do you do?
    4-chakeram= informal and usually it is not used by women. I dont know any equivalent for it in English. It is said to someone who you care about or like ( female or male)
    5-roll over means :ghalt zadan( I am not sure I understood you trully)
    6-I want to squeeze you= mikham becheloonamet( funny) or mikham fesharet bedam = mikham mohkam baghalet konam.
    7-Mikham mohkam nishgoonet begiram.
    8-It is easy= Aasoone
    9-cheteh?(informal) or chi shodeh?(more formal)
    10-to manzooramo nemifahmi or to mano dark nemikoni


    Persian is my native language.
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  • mistletoe answered 6 years ago
    2. khosh bashi means may you be happy
    7. mikham seft neshkoonet begiram
    9. cheteh???
    8. asoone=easy
    kheyli asoone= very easy
    10. manzooramo nemifahmi
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  • Tomoyo answered 6 years ago
    Google.com type in "online translation english farsi"

    you should find some help there ^^


    personal experience
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