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Who Loves the SEC butt kicking?

I am not a LSU fan but once again the BIG or (small) 10 has been beaten by the SEC. Ohio State should be banned from the National Championship Game


Ok for those who cant stop talking about michigan. Lets mention Tennessee, Kentuky, Georgia, Alabama, I guess the SEC has more than one team they can cheer about!!!

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    SEC had the best non-conference record of any conferrence

    SEC had the best record vs BCS conference teams

    SEC had the most games played vs out of conference BCS Teams

    SEC went 7-2 in bowl games

    an SEC team won the national title

    SEC finished 1-2 in one final poll and 1 & 3 in another..

    SEC had 3 top 10 teams and 5 in the top 15

    SEC sent 9 teams to bowl gamees.. that's 75% of the conference and South Carolina was bowl elidgable

    other conferences coaches leave to go to the NFL.. NFL coaches leave to go to the SEC.. a fact which might have more proof when Auburns D-Coordinator job is filled

    and that's just THIS year.. last year wasn't bad either and next years looks even more dominant ;)

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    Since 2002 the Big Ten has a 9-7 advantage in bowls over the SEC before this bowl season. The Big Ten holds a 94-87-7 advantage all time head-to-head. Scroll about 3/4 down the page and in bold it says this exact thing. I didn't make this up.

    And i got this from a SEC website. Now granted I didn't do the research on this but I was willing to believe information I found on an SEC website. As far as I know these are the facts.

    Even back in 2002 no one gave the Buckeyes a chance against Miami but that was proved wrong. Only USC this decade has a better winning percentage than OSU and the Buckeyes will be back in the top 5 next year too.

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    Right, let's ban the only one loss team with any sort of difficult schedule. The SEC will have its hands full in a few years. With Michigan getting Rich Rodriguez, the whole conference is in for a shake up. But yeah, I'm not a fan of the SEC.

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    Ahem Michigan's record vs sec teams 23-5-1. Michigan owns the sec baby!!!!!!!!!

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    I do. The Luckeyes can go cry on their nuts with the rest of the Little 10 because a team from that conference wont play for the title next year unless they're undefeated.

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    I Really liked the Michigan and Appalachian State game too classic Lol Good Job Appalachian State

    Source(s): SEC>>>>>>>>>BEASTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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    i am a HUGE michigan fan and was cheering on LSU all the way big 10 or not OSU loss tonight may just be our gain come recruiting time. Good game LSU we will see you in the bowl next year. GO BLUE!

    Source(s): Biggest Michigan fan on the planet!
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    They really displayed their amazingly quick offense against the Wolverines after the wolverines gave them all that help... 4 TO in the red zone... it's like the wolverines were TRYING to lose and still ended up beating the gators.

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    I hate the SEC. Also great job Michigan on beating the gators

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    It was a 14 point loss, but the game was a blow out! Neither team belonged in this game.

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