I am only 19 weeks pregnant, Is it possible to be leaking fluid from the amniotic sac?

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I have been leaking fluid, I really do not think it is urine for the past 4-5 days now? Can anyone tell me what this can possibly be? Help please.............
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  • Dee answered 6 years ago
Yes it could possibly be fluid..Have you had any testing done lately like an amniointesis (spelling)?? A friend of mine had one and at 25 weeks she began to leak fluid..She delivered at 27 weeks. I would definetly go to the doctor and have it checked out.
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  • charontheloose answered 6 years ago
    You need to call your doctor and be seen soon.

    But it can just be vaginal fluids. They increase and it is not feeling like the norm..maybe.
    Think about right before your period and your hormonal. Do you have more of a discharge?
    Some women become very sexual during there pregnancy. So your body will increase secretions.

    Try not to worry to much tonight. But call your doc.


    mom of 3
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  • spb0001 answered 6 years ago
    Regardless of what it is you need to go to your doctor asap. You could be having a miscarriage.
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  • mommy2408 answered 6 years ago
    yes you could be, you need to call your doctors office asap.


    36.2 weeks pregnant
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  • Guy answered 6 years ago
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  • Ivan and Marko's momma answered 6 years ago
    yes please get to the docs as soon as you can. I am also 19 weeks and have been losing fluid not by leaking but my placenta has not been working good. I have a blood clot and complete placneta pervia and my placenta is coming away from my uteras wall, which is causing heavy bleeding to light bleeding.. my doc said that my baby has a ten percent chance to live. I have been drinking water to do anything to give him help. So please go to the doc as soon as you can. Good luck and I will pray for you
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  • *~MissSexy~* answered 6 years ago
    it could be a possible miscarriage. go to the drs asap
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