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How would you describe the Republican state of mind, generally, since Obama won Iowa?

...Around the country and here at YA?

What have the last few days revealed about the GOP?

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    Here on YA I've noticed an increase in the number of posts that jump on any and every little speck, trying to make mountains out of mole hills. Also an increase in trolls, one particularly comes to mind... a superior example with a number at the end of the name that's incremented from 13 to 32 in about 10 days. Here are some of the 'gems' I've seen:

    * His middle name is the same as Sadaam's last name... I'm shaking in my boots over that

    * His first name rhymes with 'Osama'... more boot shaking

    * He's Muslim... often brought up by the same fine folks who criticize his affiliation with a Christian church in a predominantly black community... now that's funny!!

    * He doesn't wear a flag pin on his lapel... arrest him immediately!

    * He didn't put his hand over his heart or salute the flag... this one is typically pointed out by those who are absolutely clueless about proper protocol for civilian and military regarding the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem. If he's arrested and handcuffed over the pin, placement of hands would be a non-issue, right?

    * He's not black enough/He's too black... Oh come on!!

    * He's distantly related to Cheney... actually, most don't seem to hold it against him and are even somewhat sympathetic

    * He's black; Oprah's black... they're racist. Yes, and all white supporters of white candidates are white supremacists; all female supporters of Clinton are feminists (feminazis)... so that gives us... a level-playing field! Yeah!!

    As an aside... I'm still concerned about all the Republican candidates often and reverently invoking the name of Reagan. I think they're trying to channel Ronnie back from the grave... Good thing Kucinich rallied the UFO troops at Shirley MacClaine's house to nip that in the bud!!

    I must stop now, I'm running out of steam and any more eye rolling over this silliness might cause permanent and irreparable damage. To think that such trivialities are given any consideration in deciding who is most qualified to lead our country is both mind-boggling and downright scary! But it does go a long way in explaining eight years of leadership under someone who would be fun to invite to a BBQ. Is this why we don't get the leaders we need, but only those that we deserve?? Sad!!

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    1) That they seem to be more misogynist than racist. I never considered that either bigotry was primary with them since I've never met a conservative who didn't hold both plus homophobia (which I guess is a form of sexism anyway).

    2) That they are an obsessive bunch. One female Democrat, who isn't even all that liberal, out of tons of female Democrats and one female US Senator, out of - what - 14 now - has them in such frenzied hatred that all they can talk about is the Democrat who came in third in the Iowa caucuses. Last time around, it was the "mainstream" media who obsessed on the 3rd place runner in order to tank him. At least he really WAS a liberal, as opposed to H. Clinton. The GOP seemed to not care much about Dean at all.

    3) That the GOP faithful are a rabidly racist bunch, even if they are surprisingly more sexist. All we've heard from the GOP faithful on YA is that he's black and about their sheer terror of one black man who's rather a dork. Maybe that's why they're so afraif of him. Dunno.

    When it comes down to it, I guess I didn't learn much new about them. A black man placed first. A woman placed second. They'd be freaking out no matter what.

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    YEP! It replace into observed as Operation Chaos. i'm unsure what the Democrats observed because it while they pulled the comparable factor in previous elections. YEP! i understand various those party switching Republicans. additionally they are going to vote Republican interior the final election. The Demo's are those that initially confirmed the Rep's how that's finished. that's basic terms politics.

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    Other than that defending against the Hillary Sleaze.

    Hillary's campaign staff was caught sending out mass e-mails claiming Obama is a Muslim out to destroy the US. The proof they cited was that Obama refused to say the pledge, put his hand over his heart for the pledge, and put his hand on the bible. All Lies. Now these idiots are trying to pass the buck and blame the republicans? Go Hillary go, Blame everyone but don't look in the mirror.

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    Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of racial and religious bigotry of late. This more than like stems from the former "Dixiecrats" that flocked to the Republican party in the 70s and their offspring.

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    Nobody takes Iowa seriously.

    That's why Shrillary didn't waste money there beating Obama in front of a bunch of hog farmers.

    Obama wouldn't make a pimple on a real politicians Butt.

    It will be a joy to spank him in November.

    Just make sure he's there.

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    They are terrified.

    The GOP is completely splintered amongst fiscal conservatives and values voters, and this makes them vulnerable to bleeding voters to a candidate that has wide appeal, which is Obama.

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    Same as ever..hysteria hysteria...fear fear...smear smear.

    they might as well be living back in Danvers , MA in 1692.

    Interesting how they were so against Hillary winning, because they thought she really had a chance, and didn't think Obama had any, so they were so for Obama winning the nomination.

    Now that it appears he is more popular than they thought, they are all against him winning the nomination.

    I really think right-wingers dont' know what they think from one minute to the next.

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    On YA most of the Clinton bashing turned into Obama bashing.

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    Man the trolls are out today. I am so sick of it. I have been slamming them back with their own crap, But they just keep coming back like cock roaches. It is the same childish sh#t., over and over and over. They get on my nerves.

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