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Is russia a world super power?

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    hha maybe after 1000 years?... and oil company?...

    n***a please...

    ur hating koz u aint got taht much of the resources, thats all.

    well, you make better cars and computers (monopoly in tha 1 Id say) and u have hella money (thats what every1 still thinks even though USA owes more than anyone).

    ur hating koz Russia is ZE ONLY competition and the only place that can balance u out and not let only 1 thing rule the wholeworld, thats why ur beefing. Is it a supepower along with the US even tho US spends more money on military than others.

    we have better technologies developed for that.

    even though u have more money (talking about how average person lives) and we're about 10 years behind in car making, ur about 20 years behind in most of the military stuff. ;p

    and Russia is the only country that could destroy the US in case of a war but that (war) wont ever happen koz then the whole planet (!) will burn.

    peace out, keep on beefin if ur an average idiot...

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    Very much so. Though it is trendy to think the opposite.

    Simply consider the number of operational Nuclear weapons alone. Never mind the sizeable military, air forces, and naval capability.

    Just because they have'nt invaded any countries lately does'nt mean they could'nt. Exactly who would stop them? The National Guard?

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    when people are poor and elderly are starving and children are abused and neglected there is no way a country can be powerful. Russia has a big army though.

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    No I'm not sure if their is a specific definition of a Superpower, but mine would be to in the top in Military, Economic, and Political Influence. To beable to project power around the world, and beable to impose its will on nearly any other nation if it desired.

    Russia does not meet most of those wickets anymore.

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    1 decade ago

    No in the sence it once was. It's miltary is a joke and broken not to mention the troops are not paid on a regular basis. they have no warm water port where their decrepid navy can get out. They do however have OIL Reserves on the magnitude of Saudi Arabia and often use them as a bargining chip against Europe. Oh yea they still have Nukes though how many still work but still a deterent!

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    I would say yes, in that it is huge, can cause lots of damage and has some power over others. It is part of the G8.

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    Probably not - it doesn't have an effective means to project a lot of power, either through economics, politics, or military force.

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    Russia is a large oil & gas corporation with an outdated military machine.

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    But it's regional superpower with the capacity to affect

    all world.

    what USA does there - is crazy

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    ya. they are ruthless, and have 1000s more nukes than the USA

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