Is the vegetarian resource group (VRG) considered a credible source?


Krister---I didn't ask what the flexis wear.

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conscript---you wouldn't know a true vegan if they poked you with a carrot. Veganism and spirituality are related only by coincidence.

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  • Maggie
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    1 decade ago
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    VRG is fairly credible, they have been pretty helpful in the past. I have one of their books, it's an FAQ book of commonly asked Vegetarian/Vegan questions, it has everything from "Are tattoos/tattoo ink vegan?" to "What are hidden animal ingredients to take notice of?".

    They have a lot of great research available, too, some of it is very useful (I like when they list sources, I like to weed through them and determine if they are credible, and it helps me find new reading material... this is how I found some of my favorite authors).

    Obviously they have a bias (they are pro-vegetarian) but their arguments are fair and they do concede to the opposing viewpoint in some areas... for instance, the vitamin B-12 debate.

    I like the VRG, I think overall it paints a pretty positive light on vegetarians and vegans and what being one entails. They're not a threatening group. I would rely on information they provide unless given reason not to (and most of their information IS reliable).

    By the way... What is going on with this forum lately? :(

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    They have a good restaurant guide for different cities that helped me to find more than a few places (there are TONS of them around the area I found out) to eat around the Houston area to go with others that I know that also don't eat meat.

    Site seems to have a decent source for recipes. Had some other interesting things on there that I might want to check out later when I have the time.

    Didn't see anything that looked to be 'off' in any way.

    As to "credible" - that is in the beholders eye and if that is how they want to view the information.

    Time seems to have a way to prove what is or isn't "credible". Same thing with internet sites. They come - they go. The ones that last - are either totally legit and above board - or they have a nice base of wacko supporters footing the bill.

    I research on the internet - but I confirm everything with a real live person that has the education and understanding of the topic that I am doing the research on - not to mention that I also test out what is suggested - before I form an opinion.

  • exsft
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    Depends on how they obtained their "facts" and how they approached their studies and research. However, I find any source that promotes or advocates a specific point of view biased and therefore not credible. (not just vegetarian groups either but ANY group such as the NRA. Ironically I am a member of the NRA though even I find them ridculously biased and extreme on some gun rights issues). All things equal, those who present all sides of any issue are what I find to be credible

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They are not because they are politically motivated and have nothing to say about true veganism as a spiritual path. In the opinion of true vegans, it's another silly and shallow contrivance that promotes a "be happy veggies" theme and assorted "feel good" articles. True vegans would never subscribe to this kind of trivia.

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    for what peta? probably but who cares,

    peta is a clan of nutcases.

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