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What happen to Shandi Finnessy & Jessica York on PLAYMANIA & why isn't PLAYMANIA back in production on GSN?

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    PlayMania was a live interactive game show on GSN, hosted by Mel Peachey, Shandi Finnessey, and Jessica York. The two-hour program featured interactive games that the viewers could play to win cash prizes. On February 20, 2007, the show was replaced with two separate programs, quiznation and 100 Winners, which were collectively known as the PlayMania Block.

    The debut episodes of PlayMania were hosted by Mel Peachey, a host of the U.K. edition of Quiznation; and Shandi Finnessey, a co-host of the GSN game show Lingo. Peachey was originally scheduled to appear on US airwaves for only one month in order to introduce America to the unfamiliar "participation TV" format. However, she stayed through the entire run of PlayMania and hosted the two "PlayMania Block" shows, as well. Finnessey and Peachey were joined by host Jessica York on October 19, 2006. Peachey returned to England after hosting quiznation on April 7, 2007, her "goodbye show". Finnessey and York continue to appear on quiznation. After a week of eliminations, Angelle Tymon was introduced as Peachey's replacement on the "PlayMania Block" on April 21, 2007. A month later, the May 18 edition of quiznation featured the debut of The Price is Right production coordinator Jeff Thisted as host.

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