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what big accomplishments did george washington have as our first president?

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    He nominated the first members of the Supreme Court led by the first Chief Justice John Jay.

    He signed a number of Bills setting much of the foundation of the country, including such as:

    To regulate the time and manner of administering certain oaths.

    First tariff act placing duties on imports as a protective measure of domestic industries.

    First federal navigation act imposing duty on the tonnage of vessels.

    State Department created as Department of Foreign Affairs.

    First federal bond issued to authorized to refund domestic and state debt.

    Department of War created.

    Treasury Department created.

    Office of Attorney General created.

    First ten amendments to the Constitution enacted by Congress (the Bill of Rights).

    First copyright law signed.

    The ship the Columbia (under Captain Gray) returned to Boston, completing first around the world trip under the U.S. Flag.

    Bank of the United States chartered.

    District of Columbia established.

    First internal revenue act.

    Presidential secession act enacted.

    U.S. Mint established.

    President Washington vetoed apportionment bill.

    Peace Treaty signed with Wabash and Illinois Indians.

    Cornerstone laid at White House.

    Handled the Whiskey Rebellion in Western Pennsylvania.

    Miami Indians defeated at Fallen Timbers.

    Treaty signed with Great Britain to settle terms of peace, amity, commerce, navigation, boundary claims, and extradition.

    Eleventh Amendment ratified.

    Treaty of Peace and Amity with Algiers signed.

    First National game law approved.

    Treaty with the Six Nations concluded.

    Treaty of peace, friendship and navigation signed with Tripoli.

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    Foreign Policy, he keep us neutral and out of the French Revolutionary and later the Napoleonic Wars.

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    When the revolution was won and Washington was asked to be the King of America, he refused.

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    Uh...maybe he helped gain independence from the Brits.

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