What do they call Baking Soda here in Germany?

I need it for something I´m cooking, and don´t know where to buy it!


Backpulver is Baking Powder, and there is a difference between Soda and Powder!!!

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    As you correctly point out, baking soda is not the same as baking powder.

    Baking Powder is "Backpulver" in German.

    Baking Soda is "Speisesoda", 'Backsoda" or "Speisenatron". It is usually sold under the following brand names: "KaiserNatron®" oder "Bullrich-Salz®".

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    Baking Soda In German

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    Also if you cannot find it as baking ingredient, most European based delis and grocery stores sell "Ammonium Bi-Carbonate", I use it in cake and pastrys, I get it in Toronto in the Ploish neigbourhood on Ronsenvelles, it is kept in the area where they sell the flavouring and package yeast, baking powder, vannilin sugar and the concentrated flavourings. I am a former chef here in Canada, with the Ammonium it is used very sparingly, only a 1/4 tsp in the water you use to dissolve the yeast to make the dough, ordinary baking soda will also due.

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    You can also find KaiserNatron (baking soda) at Rossman and DM stores.

    Additionally, Arm & Hammer baking soda is at many Asian supermarkets.

    Off topic...if anyone is ever looking for Coleman fuel (white gas) for camping stoves while in Germany, it is sold in DM stores as "reinigungsbenzin"...come in a white bottle

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    It's called Natron and you can find it in the baking section where they have the little packets of yeast, vanilla sugar and all that stuff. I've never seen a German recipe calling for baking soda, but I need it often when using American recipes. You can get it at any of the larger supermarkets, like toom or real.

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    Yes Baking Powder (Backpulver) was an invention by Dr oetker of Germany. Smile ... germans love it. Many stores carry Natron, though it is not something Germans would buy. They love this Dr Oetker stuff.

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    anyone know if Soda Chrystals are available in Germany or a similar stuff for washing?

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    Hey Breezer,

    do you have a new hair cut?

    Breezer, we don't use backing soda we only use yeast, sourdough, Hirschhornsalz (amonium carbonate)( a little dangerous but you need it for special christmas cakes) and BACKPULVER.

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany


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