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Marina asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Do dogs paw-pads ever get worn down?

I was just wondering how dogs can walk on any surface without hurting their pads.


I live in a moderate climate and the dog only walks on the usual surfaces.

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    they can hurt their paw pads. during the summer, the pavement becomes so hot sometimes it can burn their pads. and running over glass on the road or other sharp objects can cause cuts. but overall they have very tough soles, their pads are their shoes!

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    Yes. Dogs CAN'T walk on any surface without hurting their pads. Ice, sharp rocks, broken glass, and hot roads can be JUST as painful and damaging to a dog's pads as they are to bare human feet. I work at a vet and we have seen several dogs who have run until their pads were raw and bleeding. One was involved in a horrific auto accident (it really was a miracle that all the people and the dog survived with only minor cuts and bruises) and escaped and ran through the woods up in WI for a week before a very nice person found her. Another was a dog that boarded with us occasionally and would pace non-stop in a run or cage if it was bigger than just the space he needed to stand up and turn around to the point that his paws would be raw and bloody in a matter of a few hours...and that was on smooth, finished concrete.

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    Yes, their paws are skin and can become hurt, torn, or be damaged. They really can't walk on ANY surface and most dogs will grow accustomed to walking on the pavement, etc. But if you are going on a long hike or walking the dog in snow, dog paw protectors can be worn.

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    Younger dogs (like very young puppies) do have thinner pads, but the more they use them the more they toughen up. You would find a huge difference in the paws of a dog who only ever walked on carpet compared to a normal dog who walks on carpet, hard floors, concrete/asphalt, grass, stones, etc.... Just like if you work with your hands alot, they develop calluses. You were born with thick skin on your hands but it develops as necessary.

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    Most dogs don't wear their pads down after puppyhood; tough callus builds up instead. There have been individual cases of dogs with their pads worn down, though. This takes a lot of travel to occur, and is usually seen in dogs who have been lost or abandoned, then spent months wandering in search of their owners.

  • when they are puppies the skin on their pads are very thin and do get worn down. but it soon toughens up and it doesnt wear out when they are tough

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    i don't think they can get worn down, but they can get pretty dried out. when it's cold out and my dog's pads start getting dried & cracked, i lotion them up for her.

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    Like any other skin, these are growing tissue, and regenerate.

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    no it wont were down because dogs develop them to be hard

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    not really

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