Dreams about driving cars with bad brakes???

I've had a few dreams over the past couple of months that i'm driving a vehicle and the brakes are really hard and every time I try to stop I almost rearend the vehicle in front of me. I know it sounds silly to ask but I have dreamt this several times...and I'm thinking it must mean SOMETHING. (and no I dont need brakes!!)

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    cars generally represent your life, e.g. a smooth ride means everything is going well. not being able to stop a car means you are out of control of that car. if it scares/worries you, you are scared/worried about something that you feel you have no control over in life.

    driving the car=taking an active role in life. so maybe you are trying to solve the problem, but feel you are failing? think it over, try to apply these ideas to your life.

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    Dreams Of Driving

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    I think its something to look at your life in a parallel with.

    Think of your life and the details of the dream.

    I'd take it to be careful and watch whats going on, you've got the information that 'your brakes are bad' so take thing easy and keep an eye out.

    I'd say its a good thing that you don't rear end in the dream, sounds like you have the chance to change things and keep an eye out!

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    Driving a car means you are trying to control some or all aspects of your life. That you are having brake trouble means that you are having control issues in your life. There may be an aspect in your current life that you feel is going out of control that it could cause harm to other people or trouble for you. Whenever you dream this, it just means that the symptom of control issue is manifesting itself in your life.

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    I read somewhere that if u see such type of dreams like u r driving with no brakes or running fast with someone following u...... this shows u r in some kind of confusion, and there is no known way out for this confusion. Its ure inner battle going on.

    solution for this is, just let the battle come out, concentrate on it and surely u can solve the problem. :)

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    1 decade ago

    Its said that the image of a house or a car is a representation of you and your body. The car is your desires. Bad brakes could mean that you are having physical and or emotional problems, a lack of self control, or occasionally a lack of discipline from the outside.

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    1 decade ago

    It sounds like maybe you feel like you are out of control. Maybe you are doing something in your life that is just moving too fast for you and don't have enough control of the situation to feel like you can slow it down or stop it. So, look for things in your life that are getting a little out of control and see if you can gain some of your contro back.

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    Oh my goodness! I have dreams like that all time. Normally I'm trying to back up and I hit cars all around me because my brakes won't work. I wish I could help you to understand them, but I'm not good at dream interpretation. Good luck though.

  • 4 years ago

    Probably you are leading life with some bad habits or company.You want to stop it.But unable to stop it.You are basically a good man,but want to shed your bad habits and become a better man.Your mind cautions that unless you correct yourself,you will crash land.What ever be,you can do it and change yourself.Start right now.Good Luck

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    It probably is because you feel like something in your life is out of control. You feel like your efforts in some area are too little and you are wanting to take control again.

    If you you are able, go ahead and focus on controling it better. If it is something out of your hands, try to go with the flow and allow yourself to enjoy it and learn from it.

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